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  1. Dear VATMENA Members, It is with profound sorrow that I announce, on behalf of Ahmed Yehia and myself, that we have resigned from our positions as VATMENA1 and VATMENA2, respectively and effective immediately. Although we are sad to leave the divisional staff team, we believe that this is the right time for us to step down from the divisional leadership, hoping to allow the chance for new blood to inject new ideas into the division, ensuring its sustainability. When Ahmed and I were recruited into the divisional management team, almost 15 months ago, the division faced many problems.
  2. It is with great pleasure that I announce Sam Julnes as the new VATSIM Middle East & Northern Africa Membership Director. Sam has vast previous experience in the field, being the current Membership Director for the UAE vACC as well as being previously part of the divisional membership team. Please join me in welcoming Sam to the divisional team as we all look forward to Sam's remarkable work in the department. Sam can be reached at [email protected]
  3. It is with great pleasure that I announce that the VATME Board, with unanimous decision, have appointed the following staff members: Suprojit Paul - VATME32 Operations Director Pauls has contributed massively to the division's ATC department previously, and is currently an I3 divisional examiner. He's committed to the betterment of the division with regards to improving the training standards, SOPs and assisting the division in building a reputation for high-quality ATC services on the VATSIM network. Paul can be reached on [email protected] Jako
  4. VATME - VATSIM Middle East and Northern Africa is delighted to announce the re-establishment of Kuwait vACC (OKAC). Located at the tip of the , the Kuwaiti airspace is a crucial airspace to all traffic flying from the Gulf towards the western hemisphere. We are also glad to announce the appointment of the following staff for the Kuwaiti vACC: ACCKW1 Director - Joseph Donat ACCKW2 Deputy Director - Matthew McEwen ACCKW6 Events Director - Mariano Longo Please join me in welcoming the new staff and wishing them all the best of luck in the development of this new, y
  5. VATME Staff with great pleasure announces the appointment of Mr. Orpheas Panayiotopoulos (1158038) as VATME4 (VATSIM ME Training Director) Orpheas has some great ideas and we all look forward to seeing his work as we all help to move VATME training section forward.
  6. Windows 7 x64. It used to work well on the same PC before, not sure what happened. Tried to re-install multiple times, same issue.
  7. Hello, Just installed euroscope on a new machine, but got some problems regarding the display. Below is basically what I see when I launch euroscope despite the sectorfile being loaded. Also if I press any of the settings menus buttons, I get a full blank teal/green screen. Any help would be appreciated!
  8. VATSIM Egypt (VATEG) and VATSIM Jordon (VATJO) would like to invite you to the CarollAnn’s ALS World Flight Support Event. CarollAnn Garratt is a pioneer pilot who will be going round the world (for the second time) in her Moony plane. This is all for a humanitarian cause on the hope to raise more awareness about the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) disease and to raise donation for research on this illness. She will stop over in Jordan and Egypt, thus VATJO and VATEG has decided to plan this event to honor her efforts fighting this disease. Event Information: Sunday October 30, 20
  9. Not sure why I didn't notice that, but anyway, working now as a charm! Marvelous work man! Many Thanks!
  10. Linux. I haven't changed anything but the /path/to/file/ paths. ------- The problem has now changed, I found a mistyped file name, that appears to have caused the original problem, but now, I have another problem.. Warning: fopen(http://www.net-flyer.net/DataFeed/vatsim-data.tx) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found in /public_html/path/online.php on line 70 Here's the script I'm running http://pastebin.com/HvusFdwG Edit: Also, is it normal that it is trying to open (vatsim-data.tx) not (vatsim-data.txt) Thanks fo
  11. In: // Here we look at the time when the datafile was generated... $datamodtime=filemtime("path/vatsim-data.txt"); $now=time(); $etadata=$now-$datamodtime; if ($etadata >= $tempomaxdata) { $dataremote=fopen($remotedatafilename,"rb"); if ($dataremote==NULL) { } else { $datalocal=fopen("path/vatsim-data.txt","w"); if (!$datalocal){ fclose ($dataremote); } else { while (strlen($data = fgets($dataremote, 1024)) != 0 ){ fwrite($datalocal,$data); } } } } Line 70 is: $dataremote=fopen($remotedatafilename,"rb");
  12. Thanks for the great help Luca! I'm trying to use the VATITA script but I got that error: Warning: fopen() [function.fopen]: Filename cannot be empty in /path/online.php on line 70 Any idea how I could overcome this?
  13. VATEG and VATME gladly invite you to the Umrah Shuttle Flights event. The last week of August is also the last week of Ramadan, a popular pilgrimage season. Come and help flying more than 200,000 pilgrims, back home from Medina to Cairo! Medina features a regional airport within a mountainous area, while Cairo features an international airport, with a wonderful pyramids approach (in case of 05 Ops). Come to explore and to enjoy professional and friendly ATC on Saturday, the 27th, 20-23z. Blue Skies! ------------------------------------------------------------------------
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