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  1. This is known and intentional for the time being.
  2. Operating multiple frequencies is not advisable at this moment. Suggest using the "XC" feature if pilot range is an issue.
  3. Hey Justin, I can't seem to get vATIS to read "TWY T" as "Taxiway Tango," it comes back as "Taxiway Tee." Tried in both Airport Cond and NOTAMS. v Also had a fair number of unhandled exceptions, but didn't grab the logs on it. Will next time.
  4. The Los Angeles ARTCC is proud to announce several new, or maybe not so new, initiatives designed to increase pilot and controller involvement and understanding. We are making a few changes to our community to encourage pilots and controllers to interact on a regular basis, while also hopefully increasing both pilot and controller quality across the board. First, ZLA is happy to announce we are moving to a new discord server. We are dedicated to making it as easy as possible for our controllers to access information, training staff, and resources, while also giving pilots a dedicated space to
  5. Nice work, Justin. If possible, I would love to have some kind of preview ATIS functionality back, as it was very useful when adding new NOTAMS or changing the airport conditions.
  6. Just to add, since it was my ATIS, the METAR didn't seem to update consistently, either. For 2 hours it updated at 12min past the hour, then it stopped altogether. Would be good if it could update closer to the top of the hour or check more frequently.
  7. It should also be noted that Navigraph provides this download as well, worldwide.
  8. I mean, if you arrive at an airport where pilots are all lined up for 26 and you are lining up for 8, then you are the one who needs to plan around the other airplanes. The uncontrolled environment is about working with each other and going with the flow. If for operational reasons you need a different runway, that's on you to stay out of the traffic flow until there's an opportunity for you to land how you need or want to.
  9. In the real world, when landing at an uncontrolled field, or even a towered airport where the tower is closed, it's the pilot's responsibility to determine the operational environment of the airport and make a safe choice. If you get on CTAF and find everyone is departing 26, it's a poor choice to fly straight in runway 8. And while the real world has no shortage of people who do things like this "because it's legal," they are still being inconsiderate if not just technically legal. On VATSIM, we must also take into account that any towered airport, especially a large international one,
  10. That is an incredibly interesting idea I would be in favor of, though I recognize it would be a programming hurdle. What happens if a pilot deviates? Would it just be for the en route environments maybe?
  11. In regards to pilot quality, one tangible step I think the BoG can take (and I haven't read this whole thread so please forgive me if it's come up) is reaching out to popular flightsim streamers and youtubers to make a few (short, less than 5min) training videos for new pilots. 1) How do I connect to the network and what does ATC expect of me? 1a) P3D 1b) Xplane 2) How to file a basic flightplan and what to put in the remarks when you're new 3) Understanding the basics of IFR and VFR 4) Where to find more resources A new voice codec, overhauled backend, and faster positio
  12. Just realized we had the old date in the description. The description should list "September 1st" as the date.
  13. It's the weekend, and you know what that means! People from all over will be traveling out to Las Vegas to, well, you know what they say about things that happen in Vegas. Join ZLA on September 1st from 2300-0300z as we fully staff up Las Vegas McCarran International Airport for what will be an unforgettable evening.
  14. We'll be on the look out for the blimps Gerry -Matt
  15. Nope, it's 'till 2230z. 2.5hrs It's why we called it "Bust ZAB". Oh, wait...I see: You are making excuses for pilots becasue you guys don't think you can do it can you?
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