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  1. Come to Jamaica this Wednesday night for an amazing dual event. While World Flight 2011 and their supporters approach from the East, Kingston FIR's Cross Island Event departs from Sir Donald Sangster Int'l Airport in Montego Bay. They meet in Kingston at the Norman Manley Int'l Airport. Kingston's top Air Traffic Controllers will be there to 'Push Tin' with minimum spacing and maximum realism. Be there! Kingston FIR Airport Facility Directory: [http://kingston.vatcar.org/misc/Kingston_FIR_Airport_Facility_Directory_(REV1-MAY11).pdf Charts, Feedback and Info: http://kin
  2. Our controllers are ready to welcome all Jamaica-bound traffic this Sunday! Havana Centre will also be online to provide service for overflights heading from America.
  3. Good Day all! MKJK FIR / Kingston will be staffing hosting 2 Saturday's over the month of May, events called "Pineapple Run Saturdays!". For two Saturday mornings during the month of May Kingston and hopefully Grand Cayman will have staffing from the hours of 1400z to 1700z. The specific dates will be; May 15 May 22 ------- ------- Charts for MWCR: Airport Diagram http://kingston.vatcar.org/charts/mwcrcharts/MW[Mod - lovely stuff]tdiagram.pdf Charts for MKJP: Airport Diagram http://kingston.vatcar.org/charts/mkjpcharts/MKJPaptdiagram.pdf KEYNO1 Arrival
  4. External Vacancy No: MKJK-2010-05 Job: Director of IT Grade: Senior Staff Position Department: Information and Technology Hours: Hours As Necessary Location: Kingston, Jamaica Closing date: 14-Apr-2010 Job Purpose: To design, develop, launch, monitor, update, and maintain all IT systems related to Kingston FIR; This position reports to DATM. Job Outline To become the primary webmaster for the existing VATCAR-hosted Kingston FIR Website located at: http://www.kingston.vatcar.org Updating all pertinent information contained on the website in a timely manner,
  5. Yes Ross. It has stopped for the time being. Will advise if it's resumed.
  6. External Vacancy No: MKJK-2010-03 Job: Director of Training Grade: Senior Staff Position Department: Training Hours: Hours As Necessary Location: Kingston, Jamaica Closing date: 27-Feb-2010 Job Purpose: Managing the Training Department of Kingston FIR; To ensure the high quality of instruction is given to all Students; To ensure the high quality of ATC service is provided by existing Controllers and that they continuously perform above set standards; To select, train, guide, manage and ensure high quality of Instructors; Compliant with regulatory MKJK, VATSIM and VATCAR r
  7. External Vacancy No: MKJK-2010-04 Job: Director of Events and Marketing Grade: Senior Staff Position Department: Events and Marketing Hours: Hours As Necessary Location: Kingston, Jamaica Closing date: 31-DEC-2010 Job Purpose: Plan, manage, advertise and implement an events plan that keeps Kingston FIR in the spotlight and ensures currency and adequate experience for all controllers. Represent Kingston FIR in a positive light to build long lasting relationship with pilots, airlines and other ATC facilities; The position reports to DATM. Job Outline: Plan, m
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