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  1. Hi Greg, thanks for the update. I surely will try to make it. Also, glad to know that the website is only under maintenance and not completely down. Also, a couple of months ago I posted in this same forum about central american charts. I think is the post before this one. Either way, I provided some steps to find them and use them. At the time I added this steps because on the old page the charts were outdated and by having this on the Vatca site might help newcomers. Here are the steps: [Original Post: October 24, 2019] ENGLISH If anybody reading this needs any chart
  2. La página web esta caida, el grupo de facebook no tiene ningún comentario nuevo pero hay un evento agendado entre MROC y MPTO para este sabado 26 de septiembre. ¿Esta activo vatca todavia o ese evento es algo aparte? Es pura curiosidad.. ********** Website is down, facebook group activity is dead but there is a scheduled event on Saturday, September 26 between MROC and MPTO. Is vatca still active or that event was created outside this region? Just wondering..
  3. Haven't seen Central America lit up like this in a long time! Also, I am connected as an observer in tegucigalpa and I'm honestly impressed and amazed on the quality and clarity of the new audio for VATSIM. To compare it, I was watching Nico Lumermann Twitch stream (DAL213 on Twitch) while he was doing the approach to tegucigalpa and its so clear that the only way to realize if the audio was coming from VATSIM or Twitch was because of the VHF radio effect vPilot give to the broadcast. Trully amazed!! What a m[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ive improvement! Siendo honesto tenia bastante tiempo de no
  4. You're welcome! I'm glad I was able to help. I hope the VATCA team sees this and push this procedures to all of us users to fly in this beautiful part of the world. Most people only fly to Tegucigalpa, Honduras because of the challenge of it, but there are a lot of beautiful approaches that, if you do on a GA aircraft will challenge you. Here are some of them: - MSSS: Ilopango Int'l airport (My home airport. No ILS, only VOR DME approaches ) - MRLB: Liberia (Cotal north arrival to finish on an ILS approach.) - MGPB: Puerto Barrios in Guatemala (VFR airport. Take off from MGGT, go south
  5. Hi Torben, Cocesna is the regulatory entity in CA that collects all aeronautical data for us. Their AIP website is kind of complicated for newcomers so I have sum up the steps to follow to get the charts. If anybody reading this needs any chart for any mayor central american airport please follow this steps: Step 1: Go to https://cocesna.org/home/aim/ Step 2: On the blue bar click on "AIP Centroamerica" Step 3: Follow the steps below for the country you need charts from. *** FOR BELIZE, EL SALVADOR, HONDURAS AND NICARAGUA *** 1- Click on "eAIP AMDT". A new browser tab will open.
  6. Hey Andreas, thanks for the tip. I will see then what I can do to help. Cheers! Have a nice day!
  7. Hola buen dia. Primero que nada me presento. Mi nombre es José Alfonso Chávez, soy Salvadoreño, miebro de VATSIM desde el año 2008 y miebro del grupo de VATCA en Facebook y en la vida real soy piloto privado con rating IFR y próximo a realizar mi chequeo para piloto comercial. El motivo del post es para ofrecer un poco de ayuda para reactivar un poco más la región de Centroamérica y hacer que más gente pueda simular aqui. Mi aporte seria con cartas Jeppesen para Centroamerica. Tengo la posibilidad de generar cartas en PDF para cualquier aeropuerto del ciclo actual (en este caso seria el ci
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