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  1. Thanks Andreas, that is something I will have to look into, certainly useful at a busy Heathrow when poor LON_CTR is doing everything! 🙂
  2. OK thanks, if it's a Hoppie thing, that's something I don't use.
  3. Hi, I was flying out of LL this morning, under the superb control of LON_CTR (Fraser, I think it was), I think I heard him make a broadcast on frequency about automatic clearances are available .....EGTT..... I didn't get it all, but I wondered what it is? An alternative to calling for clearance? Interested to know, thanks.
  4. v1.1.2.0 TX is greyed out and my PTT [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ignment is not recognised using FF A320U. A/C power is on, VHF1 is on and volume up (I can hear controllers and other pilots on freq and RX goes green), but cannot trasmit. I tried on the Cessna and it works there, back to FF A320 and cannot. Funny thing is, it worked on a quick test last night and the only thing that's different now is that I've added the BlueBell CSL (which works great BTW ) I wonder if I've done something wrong or if there is an incompatibility with this A/C? EDIT- Disregard, a complete shut
  5. A great idea to increase realism. Trouble is, this isn't real life, controlled and self-regulated by trained, professional people, it's an internet based simulation, inhabited by any Tom, Dick and Harriet where knowledge, training and professionalism aren't prerequisites. While it has the potential to enhance safe operations at small, unmanned airports as intended in real life, as Daniel says, at LHR with no Control, you'll just give a voice to those who at present, only have text to impose their over-inflated egos on people. If there's no option to mute or disable CTAF in such situations,
  6. Great to see SEA_N_FSS online this afternoon. Hope it can get full approval. Well done David and everyone for getting it up. Graham - (Just a pilot)
  7. A view from the cockpit, if I may; Romano's comments are ill-informed and unjustified and there's not much to add to the comments already posted in response. Didn't see you around last weekend Romano, as a fully staffed Singapore airspace handled a steady influx of BAv arrivals at the end of their overnighter from London? Not only did they handle that in a professional manner, but also the normal traffic in and out that was mixed in. Some of the BAv pilots can be a picky bunch, but I have heard no complaints (and even some rare praise!) about the standard of ATC at Singapore for th
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