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  1. Gotta tell you.... I eagerly anticipate seeing who is going to volunteer to take this position. With every p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ing moment, and every rotation of the revolving door, the chances of finding well-qualified people to fill these positions gets slimmer and slimmer. Not to mention an open acknowledgment from the BoG that Division Directors hold no "real" power, authority, or decision making ability. So... what makes this position so rewarding, again? I may have missed it the first time around.
  2. Opher, that's SOP 'round here. Check my blog to get more background on that. People are expendable problems rather than valued [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ets on this network and that is just how things are. It's easy to be a complete and utter jerk to someone when you can do it from the comfort of your mom's basement dressed in your Mickey Mouse slippers and bathrobe seeking self-importance and ego strokes over thousands of miles. The new mantra is, "If you don't like it, leave." That's the BoG's perspective towards the membership; imagine what goes on "behind the scenes" where the BoG and cer
  3. Wow.... And again? And so are the days of our lives. I haven't been here in months. How coincidental. Whenever will the revolving door stop? After short pause on VATUSA forum..... Whoa.... Did I just read this right?http://forum.vatusa.us/index.php?showtopic=1759 VATUSA 1-3 QUIT? I believe that this, fine fellows of VATSIM, is a first.
  4. Do you REALLY need to meet with all of the ARTCC's to see what the pulse is? Let's see: Less traffic + less controllers + heaps of politics, bureaucracy, buffoonery, shenanigans, ambivalence, and sword fighting = not a lot of FUN. Isn't what this hobby is all about, after all? And since there will be the common "what are your ideas?" (what are you doing about it?... etc, et al.) retorts, I'll just point you to my ever so popular post titled "The List". THAT SAID: Andrew... It's not your fault. Alex... Not yours either. (Points in the direction of up.) As I'm familiar with... "
  5. Shame shame..... If you're going to post, at least tell the truth. I know better..... And so do you. YOU know who I'm talking about. Yes, you. Quit spinning it to allow them up there to save face... And I haven't posted in how long? Honestly... Haven't even looked a the forum since we talked.
  6. May want to try to get in touch with Leonard Jungyk. He helped me significantly while I was there.
  7. Again... THE LIST was never started to highlight the ZAU boondoggle. The ZAU boondoggle was used to highlight the list. The decision was irrelevant to me, honestly.
  8. I am not here to talk about me. I will give you a more in depth answer in another medium, whether it be email, phone, or TS. Let me know what works for you. I'll answer any question that you may have. To sum it up very briefly; my desire to allow others to use this hobby as a launching pad to a real aviation career (as it did for me) is what keeps me here. The people are what keeps me here. The joy that I have when I get on and control, and fly is what keeps me here. The great personal satisfaction that I gain from teaching somebody to learn to control here, and through this is experience
  9. Thanks for the info, Dave. Just a thought here, but if you don't have the time to dedicate to being the President of VATSIM because of your position in the military, and frequent (or even infrequent) TDY's, than why put in for it? You let this play out far longer than it should have, and still, there has been no official announcement anywhere that I have seen about this situation. Nothing in the ZAU forums, of which you are a member. So, officially, there is no official announcement. 71 days. No. I stand corrected. It was 41 from Sept 3, when I made my post. However, in 7 years on this ne
  10. This post is not about the ZAU ATM situation. I used the ZAU ATM situation, and it's outcome (because as I said, a decision has been made... It was made over a week ago) as one example to tie my original post together. There are so many situations which highlight these points, but the ZAU ATM situation was the was most current, and relevant. And, after seeing these emails, it proves 2 of the 3 points that I made. You have a choice to enter this thread to read it. There's a reason that it has so many views. SOMEONE is interested. If you don't like what I am writing, don't read it. Just lik
  11. Since I have your attention: Why no announcement about the ZAU ATM situation? Why has it taken 71+ days to rectify a situation that should have taken days to resolve? You can continue to try to change the subject, discredit me, threaten me, attempt to intimidate me, and coerce me all that you want, but at the end of the day, it is YOU that has a responsibility and an obligation to act in a manner that is in the best interest of the members of this network. You also have a responsibility to either allow the people that you nominated to lead to do so, or flat out remove them, and run this or
  12. Guess you need to go back and do some re-reading to get up to speed on what the issues are in VATSIM. It may take you a while, so while you're doing that, I'll continue to read emails that have been p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ed around by BoG members.
  13. Well, start with the ZAU ATM announcement, Kyle. Credibility comes in small steps. Tell me that I don't know what I'm talking about, I'll tell everyone what I know, VATSIM will make an announcement, and we'll see if I was wrong. How about that?
  14. We are done with the pleasantries. Stay tuned to the blog, and soon you will see that everything up top is not all gung-ho teamwork, unity, and purpose driven mission. If it were, I'd be inclined to be fully supportive of the BoG, the Founders, and the direction of this network. As we sit today, we are an multi-headed Medusa, each with its own mind, own agenda, and a plan to kill one of the other 17 heads. Yes, just like that. It will surface. The beauty of anonymity is that people can share strings of emails that have occurred between differing parties. Those will be published shortly. T
  15. Quite fitting you would mention Xanax as I see you are a pharm tech (oh, and no thanks to your offer of trying to "dumb me down" because I choose to use my voice. Can the Government not come up with a better alternative than a chemically created substance to try to control my thoughts and actions? /End rant). So, that leads me to ask a question. What would happen to your job should you decide to take 71 days to fill a prescription? Do we need to "[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume" an answer to this question too? Oh, right but you get PAID to fill prescripts. Sorry, that bucket doesn't hold water.
  16. As predicted, I proposed that time would begin to reveal that everything that I was saying in this post is factual and accurate, it has. On the 25th of July, a position opening was posted for the ATM position at ZAU. I, being well qualified to fill that vacancy threw my hat into the ring. Because (name removed) was removed as the ATM for allegedly improper reasons and circomestances, that position opened. There is an appeals process in place, yet, its effectiveness is definitely under scrutiny. Here we are on Sept 2, and there is still no OFFICIAL ATM announcement, though several have bee
  17. Well, I'm glad to see that this thread has sparked some legitimate dialogue and made people aware of the real goings-on.... Ernesto.... Only time will tell how accurate my statement of VATSIM being gone before the end of the year is. I will gladly, publicly, and very happily eat my foot, crow, humble pie, or whatever else you think I should eat if I am wrong. Let's hope that I am. Understand; I am not "them" and I have not ever "cried wolf". But.... let's hope that I'm just one of "them" who "cried wolf". The beer will be on me, and we'll drink to me being wrong. Deal?
  18. Dude... If you are not perfect, and have perfect phraseology, and fly perfectly straight routes, with a perfectly perfect airplane, that has perfectly perfect charts on board, we will perfectly insult you and perfectly boot you off VATSIM. "Were you scared? Tell me honestly. I was going for fearsome here, but I just don't feel it! I'm afraid I'm just coming off as annoying." Welcome to VATSIM!
  19. At one point, I made a proposal that VATSIM shouldn't have Divisional or Regional web sites, either. But to answer your question, yes. I see the ARTCC web sites as providing a diversion and dilution of effort, preventing a common branding, having multiple attack vectors and all of this outweighs any advantage that you may get from allowing each ARTCC to experiment. If I were in your shoes, I'd solicit feedback from the ARTCC staffs as to the features they find most effective, then implement them on the VATUSA site so that each ARTCC has access to them, even if they don't have a webmaster
  20. It's not just a time and money issue. It's a manpower issue, and as Luke alluded to, there simply aren't the people available to pick up the pieces and put the website back together when an outgoing ATM walks out the door. I'll be the first to admit that I don't know anything about design, infrastructure, or data storage. I'll give a few ideas, and we can start there. Website uniformity would allow us to reduce the amount of manpower required to maintain the system. Whether it's one, or 22 different websites, all the sites would have the same look, and user functionality on the front side
  21. This one needs a new thread. I'll go first.
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