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  1. Disregard! I have fixed it! It was my error! I was messing around with the P3D setup a few days before the update and accidentally renamed the Prepar3D.exe and put an extra character by accident. I'm guessing this meant vPilot could not pick up P3D. I have now got rid of that extra character and it works perfectly! Thank you for your help anyway! And a great job on vPilot so far! Stay safe! Best regards
  2. Thanks for the speedy reply! So I can see the issue! I have attached the screen shot of the xml and a screenshot of the folder. There is no modelscanresult (im using p3d) and as you an see no simulator type in the .xml vPilot automatically installed into this location C:\Users\Nayan\AppData\Local\vPilot Before posting here I had already tried a fresh install.
  3. Hi Ross, litterally have not changed anything, Only programmes recently installed JoinFS and a few Windows updates. hope you can help!
  4. Hi Ross, Sorry for my delay, it doesnt actually allow me to click on the settings tab, as soon as I click OK on the error message vPilot closes. Best regards
  5. Hello all, My vPilot has been working brilliantly however I updated today with the auto updater and now when I load up vPilot and get the error showing in the screen shot attached. I am running P3D v3.4. Best regards Nayan
  6. Hello All, As we head into the new year, the VATSIM-UK faces greater demand, and new challenges in providing confident, competent and professional pilots. If you are looking for a new path in VATSIM and fancy a new challenge as a pilot mentor within VATSIM then please do not hesitate to e-mail us at pilot-training[at]vatsim-uk.co.uk Please note you will need to hold the respected rating in order to apply to be a mentor for that course. All successful applicants will have comprehensive training on our systems and mentoring techniques. Once again if you have any queries, questions
  7. Hello All, The VATSIM-UK Pilot Training Department is happy to announce the opening of the P1/2 Flight Training Instructor position, this is a highly engaging job role, with many challenges, while exploring a different view of management on the network! The candidate must hold at least a P2 rating, and the deadline for this application is on Saturday 22nd November 2014. Please ensure all candidates see the attached file and ensures they can comply with and meet the minimum requirements as mentioned in the file. Good Luck! Please click here to download the job requirements fil
  8. Hello, Thanks for your help all! understood now Many Thanks Nayan Mehta
  9. Hello All, I recently was flying through Euro control east and just wonder is possible for an aircraft to use SEL CAL on any Euro Control position? Many Thanks Nayan Mehta
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