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  1. Dear VATSIM users, The Caribbean Division has undergone much construction. During this exciting time, we have re-designed at least 5 different websites, progressed on a complete restructure of our training program, designed new logos, created a marketing and PR position, and began the preparation to launch massive event campaigns. While this has gone on, I have been acting as the Curacao FIR chief, providing training to controllers in that region. It has become clear that a deputy director is needed in the VATCAR Division to manage the restructuring and management tasks. After carefu
  2. Perhaps it takes a while to sync up. Maybe after several hours this information will be pushed. Let us know if it shows up in time!
  3. The VATCAR team has a new vacancy on it's team. Here are the details for this new opening Job Title: Facility Engineer Location: VATCAR (Works with all member FIRs) Submission Deadline: Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. The VATCAR Division is seeking a qualified Facility Engineer to help manage and create facility files for use on Euroscope, including (but not limited to) sector files, alias files, and atis text files. The selected candidate will also assist in writing documentation to familiarize users with the proper usage of the created E
  4. Welcome, Alessandro! Best wishes on your new assignment!
  5. Great news Pierre and company! Best wishes for the vACC.
  6. Dear VATSIM Members, The VATSIM Caribbean Division is one of the most diverse in the Americas. With over 30 different countries or decencies, it can be a challenge selecting divisional standards that benefit all the major facilities within the Caribbean. It has been a primary goal of my team and I to re-focus our division to serve our facilities to our best ability. In my professional life, I am a marketing director for a company with over 11,000 employees. During that time, I learned that supporting a diverse team starts at the very bottom: creating a consistent brand experience for
  7. Welcome to VATSIM! You'll find tons of helpful folks as you continue to journey around the world on VATSIM. We look forward to seeing you around!
  8. Agree with Rob. Switching things up can brighten your mood. When I started upping my flights to Asia and Africa, I found myself enjoying the experience a bit more. ProjectFly is a good tool though. Yes, it's another app to run, but I think it's better than having VATSIM do all that development for something that already exists as a freestanding application.
  9. Hi Peter, Welcome to the forum. Graphic design is an awesome skill to have. Might I suggest posting larger images of your work? That may help highlight the details a bit better.
  10. This position has been filled. Thank you to all who applied.
  11. The ATM is responsible for assisting with managing the day to day operations of the CERAP. The ATM will assist in the development and roll out of CERAP projects. They will be expected to maintain an online presence on the VATCAR Discord and the VATSIM Network. The ATM will report to the Division Director. The duties are not limited to those described above or below. The ATM will be assigned additional duties from time to time. Air Traffic Manager Requirements Minimum of Controller 1 (C1) Rating Minimum 1 year of active experience on the VATSIM Network Familiar wi
  12. Or he could be one of those people like me that keep AI on while on VATSIM. It only messes me up every flight!
  13. Interesting topic, Michael. As I read the title, I thought this was going to be a simple quick read. Thanks for taking the time to explain the vacating procedure.
  14. VATCAR is looking to appoint a Web Services and IT Director within its management team Applications should be emailed to EJ Davis at vatcar1[at]vatcar.org The Web Services and IT Director (VATCAR7) areas of responsibility include: Overall responsibility for heading up IT infrastructural project design & lead Reports relevant project updates to the VATCAR leadership Design and implement web applications Construct and update an IT security policy Requirements and expectations: Have extensive knowledge of web building softwar
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