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  1. Congratulations, Mohammed! Best wishes from the VATCAR team.
  2. Applications are now being accepted for the position of Training Director for VATCAR. The Training Administrator is an important link between the pilots who travel through the Caribbean skies and the controllers who assist them during their journey through the Caribbean. The duties listed below are delegated responsibilities that lie with the Executive Committee of VATCAR to fulfil. A Training Administrator is expected to be able to commit to at least 2 years on the job, and should take this into consideration before applying. REPORTS TO: VATSIM Division Director for the
  3. Looks good. Sometimes I think I should give X-Plane a try.
  4. Good job guys! A 24 hour event is a massive undertaking, and it's thrilling to hear it went successfully!
  5. Congratulations, Bikesh! Wishing you much success!
  6. VATSIM Members, I am happy to announce that two new team members have been added to the VATCAR staff within the Curacao FIR. Farbod Tehrani has been appointed as the new DATM. Farbod started his VATSIM career in Los Angeles, and eventually moved into VATCAR to support our revitalized efforts in Curacao. Farbod has exciting plans for Curacao, and the VATSIM Caribbean Division is thrilled to support him with his endeavors. Willem van Zanten has been appointed as the Facility Engineer. Already an active part of the VATCAR team, Willem has worked at improving the overall VATCAR
  7. VATCAR Members, We are approaching the end to the final quarter of 2020! At this time, I wanted to take a moment to thank every single one of you for your contributions to our division and each of the FIRs. I have seen a sharp increase in the number of applications across the board during the past several months. Why has this happened? Let me share a few highlights from the past 6 months: Completely refreshed FIR and Division pages New divisional and FIR branding New training portal (some elements still WIP) Reactivated FIRs with new leadership – Port-Au-Prince/San
  8. Dear VATSIM Members, The VATSIM Caribbean Division is looking for a DATM for the Curacao FIR. Do you want to help administrate the Dutch Islands of Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao? The DATM is responsible for administration, development, and oversight of the Curacao FIR in coordination with the Air Traffic Manager. The DATM will be responsible for all of the roles of the ATM in the event of his absence. The DATM will be expected to maintain an online presence on the VATCAR Discord and the VATSIM Network. The DATM will report to the ATM. The duties are not limited to those descr
  9. Dear VATSIM Community, Please join me in welcoming Daneel Polakoff as the new ATM for the San Juan CERAP! Daneel comes to us with previous experience controlling and staffing in VATUSA at PCF and ZJX. In this new role, Daneel will help us continue to develop one of the Caribbean's busiest facilities. This unique area includes a mixture of FAA and ICAO phraseology, making it a tad bit challenging for instructors! I am confident that Daneel will serve San Juan exceptionally. Congratulations and welcome to the Caribbean!
  10. HI Anastasios, Congratulations on your updated logo. I seem to be having trouble opening the link, but that could just be user error!
  11. Chriss, so happy to hear about your new role! Best of wishes from the Caribbean. If I can ever be of assistance, feel free to shoot me a message!
  12. VATSIM Members, The VATSIM Caribbean Division is accepting applications for the San Juan ATM. Below you will find the position details. The ATM is responsible for assisting with managing the day to day operations of the FIR. The ATM will assist in the development and roll out of FIR projects. They will be expected to maintain an online presence on the VATCAR Discord and the VATSIM Network. The ATM will report to the Division Director. The duties are not limited to those described above or below. The ATM will be assigned additional duties time to time. Air Traf
  13. Dear VATSIM users, The Caribbean Division has undergone much construction. During this exciting time, we have re-designed at least 5 different websites, progressed on a complete restructure of our training program, designed new logos, created a marketing and PR position, and began the preparation to launch massive event campaigns. While this has gone on, I have been acting as the Curacao FIR chief, providing training to controllers in that region. It has become clear that a deputy director is needed in the VATCAR Division to manage the restructuring and management tasks. After carefu
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