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  1. Hi , sorry for last time but i would like to join you now guys, i'm usin fsx and fs9. We can meet today.
  2. Hi Pilots, Whatabout doing something different maybe ? I thought we can do some aerobatics and formation flying in some oldies FS2004 default aircrafts mayyyybe in Piper J-3 or de Havilland DH-88 we'll deicide later we just need some people now. Probably tomorrow the 7th August 2009 i have all free day, so we can do it anytime. Hope You Like my idea see ya
  3. Hi Sure, sounds good, what about |departing from maybe larger airport ? are you looking to fly for easy jet specificly or you can change it,because if you don't mind we can fly from EGLL (Heathrow) ---Torronto Pearson with B744. If you can't then we can fly as you want from EGGP---LEPA, by the way what A/C you expect to fly . Are you able to provide me with scenery for EGGP if you would like to fly this route. Thanks Matt
  4. Hi, I think imight be able to help you , just give me date and time .It can be today as well
  5. Hello Pilots !! I need help I'm looking for a joystick , Can You give me some ideas thanks.
  6. i am usng fs9 but i dont understand what is msfs.
  7. Hi Wheni set my weather on high quality then the computer start lagging can yno one tell me why my computer is: 3.12GB Ram 512 Radeon HD2400 Service POack 3 CPU 2.66GHZ 2.66GHZ Intel Core 2 Duo Windows XP Home Edition Thnaks Matt
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