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  1. Any chance to have a version before Cross the Pond? is a good opportunity to test it
  2. Hello, There are lot of countries that, because of their lenght, have got different values of magnetic declination between north and south sectors, and sometimes this contrast affects a lot when controlling. I know that there is only one value for magnetic declination in.sct file, but I was wondering if is there anyway to change it ..., for example, something like a batch file that allows to change it before starting ES, with a little menu with four or five different values to select, depending on the position we are going to control. I read that something like this is someway eas
  3. Thank you Abdelrahman, the .sline command was very usefull !
  4. Place the AF2SCT and the AFCAD file in the same directory (for example c:\af2sct). Then go to the CMD line, and type the directory path. When you are done, type in the command line: af2sct af2_ICAO.bgl 3. You will get some .sct and .ese files.... thats all...
  5. Look for a tool called "AF2SCT" (in russian forums). With it, you can use an AFCAD file, and convert it into .sct and .ese
  6. Hi, I´ve a new doubt now: If in a FIR COPX the LOA establishes that at a designed fix, to transfer the flight, it is require a minimun FL (for example FL250 as min), but not an specific FL, how can I define that COPX? Just guessing, perhaps I should define two FIR_COPX, one for the event the aircraft is below the min. (defining a climbing constraint) , and other in case the aircraft is above that min. (in this case, without any constraint)...
  7. uFFF.... come on! nobody told me that order matters in .ese files. I defined one sector which border includes one sectorline that is defined below the sector. There was the error...
  8. I´m going crazy!.. cant find the error...
  9. Is there any app or any way to debbug a .ese file? Euro is pointing me a mistake in a line, but I´ve followed all the sectorlines and sectors involved, and I cant find the error yet
  10. Hi, I have some doubts about COPX Take a look a this one: COPX:*:*:PADAS:*:*:EZE-RADAR:EZE-FIR:*:*:PADAS 1º.- Are coordinations points reciprocal? In the example, coordination points works fine much as for precedings planes from EZE-RADAR and from EZE-FIR? or should I define COP in both ways EZE-RADAR:EZE-FIR and EZE-FIR:EZE-RADAR? 2º.-Are FIR COP used for Firs boundaries between firs that belongs to the same country? or they are just used in an international boundary? 3º.- When a fix corresponds to both, a FIR_1 and a TMA_1 boundary, should I define a COP in that fix bet
  11. Sure This is SABE_TWR owned sector... This one is with SABETWR and BAIRES_TMA "online" The blue lines belongs to the ARTCC section of the .sct2 file. I dont know if has something to do with it, but I light up the sectors selecting them from the display settings dialog, just for testing purposes.
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