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  1. Anchor line or LF functionality would be awesome!!
  2. Howdy, y'all!! Come join the Houston and the Fort Worth ARTCC as we bring our the Cajun festivities... Featuring KMLU, KSHV, KBAD, KDTN, KMSY, KBTR, and KLCH! This is something y'all definitely ain't gonna wanna miss. So make sure to fly on June 28 from 1700z-2100z and get your tasty gumbo and crawfish while it's fresh!
  3. We've all heard of the thousand-dollar hamburger, but the Houston ARTCC invites y'all to spend it all on your flight down to Corpus Christi, home of the first Whataburger! Stop on by, get a bite, visit the USS Lexington, and relish in some good ole' Texas hospitality! WHATALANDING - Just like you like it.
  4. We can assure you, 100%, that this is not an FNO.The F in FNO stands for Friday.This event is on a Thursday.and as you know, Thursday begins with a T... Not an F.So even though this may smell like an FNO, it is in fact, not
  5. Join the Houston ARTCC on 5/28 from 2300z-0400z as we staff up on a Thursday night. This is not an FNO. As the image above says. Actually, it would be bad if this were an FNO. So please, do not confuse this with an FNO. Because clearly, it is not.It actually takes place on a Thursday. Which is a day before Friday…and a day after Wednesday.Obviously.So, join Houston for our Thursday night event.Featured TRACONSKAUS, KSAT, KLCH, KMSY, KBTR, KLFT, KMOB, KGPT, KPOE, KAEX.Routes are available for booking on https://realops.kermout.us/events/?id=15 if you are unsure of where to fly to/from on a Thur
  6. Any chance of a VCI symbol being added to vERAM? Gotta get ready for when VATSIM incorporates DATACOM.
  7. So I got to thinking about this one... there are web services out there than provide raster tile maps of NEXRAD weather. Wouldn't it be nifty if someone were to make an AutoHotKey-based GUI that downloaded said tiles and placed them in a transparent, click-through-able GUI that was always-on-top of your radar client - VRC in my case? Something like this: It was a very, very rough attempt. There's a difference between how VRC "projects" the Earth vs. how the NEXRAD feed does, so there's some 3D transformation going on that's not right. I accounted for the -13.75 degree rotation on
  8. Bump... Is this still being worked on? If so, could I talk to someone about using this in Denver?
  9. While controlling Denver Center this evening. I guess he took the saying "Fly High" A bit too literally.
  10. Viewed on unicom this evening... "NXXXX: excuse me sir but I have been trying to contact unicom for some time now I believe he may have stepped away can you check?" Then later "NXXXX: KCOE tfc look out i'm landing"
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