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  1. There's always been apathy in Vatusa amongst the ATM's. I dunno why, but its always been that way. Regards. Ernie.
  2. It would require fairly extensive modifications to the server software, since the callsign is the identifying data item for a lot of things in the protocol. It would also require modifications to all pilot and ATC client software as well, unless we just handled it as though the first callsign logged out and the new one logged in, which would mean some stuff like squawk, flight plan, temp alts, etc. would not carry over. Definitely not trivial ... and almost definitely not worth the effort. Sounds like something that could be done on the client side. Like maybe a pulldown menu with all
  3. Either way, you're going to sometimes get flashing tags. Even with the current way, some pilots don't squawk standby immediately after landing. Some forget completely and have to eventually be reminded. I just drop the arrival's tag if it start's flashing. Regards. Ernie Alston. Albuquerque ARTCC.
  4. I don't think you can switch to TWR mode in ASRC if on with a 'CTR' callsign, its grayed out on my ASRC menu. It only seems to display when on as TWR. Regards. Ernie.
  5. When on as CTR/APP you are zoomed out most of the time so can't see any details there anyway with or without a blob. The benefit here is for the CTR controller providing tower/ground services. Regards. Ernie.
  6. I think we should, I don't tell pilots to sqwk standby on the ground. I much prefer they remain mode C on the ground. Regards. Ernie.
  7. Hrm ... it looks to me like it's trending upward after the SB3 release. Definitely quite flat before SB3, though. Participation does tend to peak in January. I believe those are the 2 peaks showing on the chart after SB3. That last part may be the holiday season peak more than an upward trend. It should go down shortly after that. If that turns out to be true, then overall its pretty flat. Regards. Ernie.
  8. By the number of concurrent or active members, from my own observations it has remained basically the same the past few years. According to Vatsim we get over 100 new members each day, if so, that's over 3000 new members a month. A reasonable estimate might be that Vatusa gets conservatively maybe 10% (probably more) of the new membership or 300 new Vatusa members a month. Yet the participation levels in Vatsim/Vatusa remain pretty much the same. It basically means we seem to retain just enough new members to make up for the small number of existing members we lose through norma
  9. TGIF to FNO is like a store changing ownership, and changing its name but retaining the same building and the same customers. FNO for all intents and purposes was really just TGIF under new management. Regards. Ernie.
  10. We are getting new members we just are not retaining them, that's the problem. Regards. Ernie Alston Albuquerque ARTCC Vatsim Supervisor.
  11. Its also worth it to look at the responses from those who choose not to fly. In the Vatsim survey one of the main reasons listed for not flying online was 'lack of ATC where the pilots want to fly'. It was also one of the main reasons listed from people who stated they tried vatsim and did not like it. If asked I'm sure this similarly would be the one of the main reasons people don't control online (ie not enough pilots flying where they control). If we want more pilots we need better ATC coverage, if we want better ATC coverage we have to give the controllers in the less po
  12. Theres a fair amount of pilots out there who prefer either the default FS9 ATC or an ATC add-on like Radar Contact over Vatsim. One would think most would prefer real people providing realistic ATC services over something computer generated. But those pilots know they will get ATC services from these programs, on Vatsim getting ATC service is basically a [Mod - lovely stuff]shoot so many of them just avoid it. In some ways I think these ATC generating programs are bigger competitors to us than the other online ATC services. You're right Brad, in real life just as on Vatsim t
  13. Absolutely I would look at that. Provided that ATC was up when I was planning my flight (or I knew it would be up shortly) I would definetly do that. I would probably plan about 50% of my flights to help out those areas. I think that's fair, often these areas are staffed but pilots just don't fly there. This then turns off the controllers in these areas who eventually either staff their positions less often (if at all), or transfer to one of the a more popular areas. For some system of cooperation to work we probably would have to limit the minimum ARTCC movements goals to p
  14. Bryan, Again, we had been doing the 'staff it and they will come' method for a very long time, well over a year. I don't think any ARTCC can do 110 staffing hours every week, but in ZAB we were regularly in the 50's and 60's just about every week. In fact ZAB was on the top of the first Iron Mic listing before anyone even knew it was going to be a contest, we had been staffing up a long time prior to the contest's implementation. The 'Staff it and they will come' method really only works in the already popular destinations. Perhaps you being in one of the really popular desti
  15. Hi Corey, Well we can't force anything, but we can 'ask' for cooperation between the Pilots/Virtual Airlines and Controllers. If we asked you to when you were considering a flight this week to check the proposed metering system. To see if any areas are a behind the goal this week that you could help out with a flight to one of those areas a little behind the goal for say on average one out of every 4 or 5 of your flights ? would you be willing do it ? I think a lot of pilots would do this and some VA's would help too if they thought that over time more ATC positions may be staf
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