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  1. RESULT OF TEST WITH VAFS I made the flight yesterday night , and it went well. I had no problem at all to communicate as well with Paris center. At the critical point I did not swirch to speed select and let it to VNAV mode. CONCLUSION: In my point of view I think, and to be honnest I wil not do another same flight just to verify. Refer to my knowledge I cn't tell where this was coming from. I will let the setings as they are, meaning no window border and the antivirus as it is. L.James, I thank you for your concern toward my problem and also thank you for the guidance. May thi
  2. Larry here is an update of the test performed: RECTIFICATION MADE ON THE ANTIVIRUS: Using AVG I have read on forums that the resident shield is hard to end as a process even when ending it from the CM. My firewall, Window mention clearly that FSINN's programs have full access. So, I went into the setings of AVG and mentioned all the three paths not to be look at. AND as the FSINN's exe path are in a single folder I even specified each of the subfolders as well. RECTIFICATION MADE ON FSPUIC WINDOW CONSOL: As stipulated in the sticky for fps, I unchecked the window border option in the
  3. ANTIVIRUS AND FIREWALL Larry James, the three module exe. described in the sticky are indeed free of access by antivirus and firewall. OPTIMIZING PERFORMANCE Well, this could fix it.I had a similar problem, when i was flying from Manston (EGMH) to Tattry (LZTT). Around the Belgium-Germany border, FS would always crash to desktop with an error report. After once I read your thread about FSINN, I realised that I did not do the FS update , which in fact was fixing this bug. So, I will tick off the border option in FSinn panel. INTEROGATION This morning just after it crashed , I did th
  4. Thank you Larry James. I have tryed the add on fix as suggected but got an error message after a while. Opened my fs9 XML, activated the page, opened the utility to reorder, copied and heat reorder. After a while , I got an error message but some new files were generated. I am on window XP, have AVG antivirus but turned off resident shield. I use the window firewall. Just for info, I read your posts in the FSinn forum and followed by the letter what was written thereand even uninstall all as stipulated. As I told, I have not such a problem on others locations and telling myself forget abou
  5. Hello, The reason i come to writt this post is because I have tried almost everything and I would not like to try more to have the same result after two hours of flight. First of all the configuration: Runing FS9 with last update Running the last FSinn as stipulated in the FSinn forum and have the last FSPUIC Running at the same time VAFS last version with upadte Flying PMDG 737 updated as well Normal Ops. I made flights to Plama de mallorca with updated scenery, as well for Tattry, Dublin, eddinburg, and others...no problem Problem: On a flight form Manston to Faro, the
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