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  1. UPDATE: I've seen now that VRC changes the port almost every connection. That was my problem. Any possibility to make VRC use only 1 port? Thx for help
  2. The Problem is that the router is old so ZyXel doesn't support him anymore
  3. Sry for doublepost but I've checked it now with another PC. i have the same probs. So the problem must be inside the router EDIT: i Found now in the config or the router this: Your device provides the following filter rules [x] Telnet Telnet traffic is blocked from the WAN to the LAN [x] FTP FTP traffic is blocked from the WAN to the LAN [x] TFTP TFTP traffic is blocked from the WAN to the LAN [x] Web Web traffic is blocked from the WAN to the LAN [x] SNMP SNMP traffic is blocked from the WAN [x] Ping Ping traffic is blocked from the WAN Maybe there the solu
  4. I don't know but VRC has all permissions @ mcAfee
  5. Ehm... Paul, my SB is working without problems and i have already installled that hotfix to be able to see traffic
  6. I use the McAfee Internet Security Suite with Firewall
  7. sry for triplepost but ive tested now onlineflying with FSInn and it also dont work... with Squawkbox everything ok ...
  8. So ive now tested my config with a friend and nothing worked Pls someone Help me or my PC will fly through the window
  9. Sorry, but i dont know There were no planes everytime when ive logged me on ...
  10. I changed the IP now to and now i wait for planes on EDDW
  11. Sry i have DSL and my port forwarding settings are maked to our main and only router. We also have a switch but i dont think that thats the problem...
  12. I dont think so even in a routers standard configuration the timeout is more than 2 seconds... DSL and Cable with Router. My PC is in a LAN-Network. My forwarding settings are this : I posed the question also in the forum of the VACC-SAG HERE is the link. At the end of the thread Kai Klingeberg said that the problem is caused maybe by a malconfiguration of the computer. Hope that someone can resolve my porblem Pol
  13. Hi! I have the problem that i can just receive the pilots when im transmitting on my own. Ports are correctly forwarded. Thx for Help Pol
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