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  1. Spotting on VATSIM...very cool. indeed some of these airports really get busy
  2. I didn’t have SSTSIM, but this is what I have been using, albeit on Win7x64. https://www.flightsimlabs.com/ Do check their website, I am sure you will find information on Win 10. A lot of them use newer machines which I am sure are running Win 10. Andrew is the lead developer in FSL too.
  3. well at least for me... when I landed this was the rest of the inbounds: Thank you for another wonderful world flight experience, and thx for the opportunity to participate
  4. Have recently been using this on and off... https://flightplandatabase.com/planner
  5. +1 ... wow... love it... awesome awesome awesome. Was controlling today, oh man, the voice...so darn clear...and the stepping over ..... everything it said, it worked. will give the pilot client a go soon. huge thanks to all da ppl who made it happen!!! Love it.
  6. Wow, the over the beach shots are stunning... cheers!!
  7. freakin awesome...indeed, FS has come a long way
  8. Looks Brilliant....congratulations and thank you to the team.
  9. Granted this wasn't out the day I did my BFR, but even he couldn't have done a better job. Excellent RP, I think I can risk a bay tour now
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