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  1. First flight complete? Then you are definitely in trouble. Inform family and friends you will be missing for longer hours going forward as you dive off the deep end into flight simulation. They say it tends to get incrementally costly as months go by even though the network itself is absolutely free. 😀 Welcome to VATSIM.
  2. And then there was today’s FNO at KATL, 50+ departures, 240+ arrivals, 28 controllers, not a step over, clean descents and vectors, I was lined up with 3 other guys in final. To ZTL, freakin awesome job!! if we give ground holds it’s unrealistic, if we give holds in the air it’s unrealistic, I wonder how many actually fly or know about what happens in the r/w? I agree, folks only have a few hrs to fly, but we can’t accommodate everyone now, can we? We try our best. There are events like what some mentioned above and ZTL, then there are some where the controller forgets u and u r o
  3. Ground vehicles an article I found, from 2013, suggested there were at least 7500 of them in Heathrow. It should have gone up since.... didn’t they add a new terminal after 2013? Gives you an idea of how many you don’t notice
  4. I too get asked this by pilots. I will let you be, if you are heading to one of my airspace airports or if there is no controller next sector. The moment a controller logs on, I ask the controller first and then it’s vectors or speed based on what the controller requests. 99% of the time the pilot will just comply because they also would have noticed the new controller. Sometimes you are not in range yet, but we can see on the scope and just take some advanced steps. But if I notice a gnd speed difference, then you be on your merry way without a concern.
  5. Spotting on VATSIM...very cool. indeed some of these airports really get busy
  6. I didn’t have SSTSIM, but this is what I have been using, albeit on Win7x64. https://www.flightsimlabs.com/ Do check their website, I am sure you will find information on Win 10. A lot of them use newer machines which I am sure are running Win 10. Andrew is the lead developer in FSL too.
  7. well at least for me... when I landed this was the rest of the inbounds: Thank you for another wonderful world flight experience, and thx for the opportunity to participate
  8. Have recently been using this on and off... https://flightplandatabase.com/planner
  9. +1 ... wow... love it... awesome awesome awesome. Was controlling today, oh man, the voice...so darn clear...and the stepping over ..... everything it said, it worked. will give the pilot client a go soon. huge thanks to all da ppl who made it happen!!! Love it.
  10. Wow, the over the beach shots are stunning... cheers!!
  11. freakin awesome...indeed, FS has come a long way
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