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  1. Many pilots also check in with an ATIS even when it’s not provided by the controller, it would help give them something that’s actually available 😄. Great idea!!
  2. All my GA flying (r/w USA) I only call up after engine start, even if I have a handheld radio. I follow the same online. Granted, I will be on the ramp, on non movement area before starting. You should be able to do the same. As stated before, do not move and you should be good.
  3. Carlson Controller Client?? Features sound awesome and very intuitive, especially love the auto updates and consistency to keep it same, just well thought out. Excellent news!!! Thanks!! Time to go brush up vERAM
  4. Indeed, they are all preferences, if not the flexibility some won't control or fly, so we take what we get 🙂
  5. I am not trying to justify, just saying what I have seen happen and has happened to me. I ask on freq if there is no response on the ACARS, usually gets acknowledged and get a reply or controller takes care on freq. unlike events, when traffic is very few and with ADSB, there is hardly any active communication going on, so might only be a slip up. Similarly for the nattrack website, the page doesn’t auto refresh, so we refresh/monitor it, only when we see acft coming up on scopes. Remember we are not watching the world, just a few 100nm outside the gander airspace. Once we see the ac
  6. Been enjoying this bird and XP11 (Colimata FXP Concorde). 3-2-1-now Rotate Lift off To the KMEM Tower controller who said, "I wish I could see the afterburners now...", this is what it looked like. ...enable night vision... up..up...and..away.. accelerating to MACH 2 No bumps, no bangs...Concorde
  7. Have spent the better part of the last decade on VRC, still my go to client. While it mayve unrealistic, and I can totally relate, as a casual hobbyist, I prefer the use of a mouse, especially for the topndown we do here on VATSIM. enroute only, I use vERAM, high traffic between only a couple of airports, or low traffic at local, I use Euroscope top down and a couple windows, high, traffic full ARTCC, I switch to VRC, like finisher in the events, I gotta use VRC. Respect to those who t able to do that on vERAM. Totally respect the decision to retire clients and maintain less, an
  8. Great to see the actual livery, I didn’t recognize the call sign earlier, didn’t realize you guys had just started. Livery is well designed.
  9. So, I fixed the sector line errors, closed it, and fixed the syntax. I couldn't find where the altitude is for the airport. But I did notice, there is a 'D' at the end of every airport, in the Airport list, which is not needed in VRC, so I went ahead and added that. Now I did my final set of changes together, so something among them clicked and even when logged in as OBS, the Departure list started working. For now I am a happy camper, although I would love to know what that D means at the end of the airport. Cheers and thanks for the assistance.
  10. Got it, thanks Dom. Jake, to answer your qn yes, but will try with Dom’s files and then get back.
  11. Altitude data existed even in sct2 files, which is what I copied over, but I will definitely check that. it’s still being built, so permanent in that sense as it hasn’t worked yet. I do have the settings enabled but I kinda remember having tried without that too. I am the one building the ESE file and I added DEPAPT and ARRAPT on the 2 primary sectors I have created and enabled. I will check those and get back. I also found an issue with the coordinates definition which I have since fixed. Thanks for the tips.
  12. I know I know, this has been asked before, and trust me I have read the info and tried to do all the steps advised. Still, I can't get it to work. CTR with owned sector, departure airport KRNO has been selected with rwys and METAR is up, yet the FP shown below is out or KRNO, but won't show up in dep list does't have the acft... what else could I be missing? PS. I do get an error that SCT lines aren't closing, could that cause an issue?
  13. Thanks for the quick reply Jake, so I did set up the file as I got an error message. I don't however see a zip file inside the coordinate I used, I am not sure if I am downloading it manually, or if the tool downloads it automatically. I did create the airspace with SystemRunways with a minimum set of airports, but seems like I might have something wrong. Is there someone who I can review the files with, so I can see what I have done incorrectly? There are volumes, sectors defined, a basic map that covers the area, and I am using the same GEO as the ATOP Oakland, so atleast we see the US
  14. I am trying to see if I can give this client a try, and so ended up creating airspace, positions etc, just one for each, sector, volume etc. And I was staring at a blank screen ... so, what are the minimum set of files needed? this is what i have: I guessed Dem would get w140n40 for KZOA, as I can't quiet place what those coordinates are. I am not the FE, but I was hoping i could give it a try before i reach out to the FE.
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