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  1. Here's for Oakland ARTCC for their hospitality last night. --Joe
  2. [21:29:33] HECC_CTR: MSRxxx, report indicated airspeed [21:29:49] MSRxxx: airspeed [21:30:08] HECC_CTR: MSRxxx, what is your IAS? [21:30:29] MSRxxx: konts [21:30:45] HECC_CTR: MSRxxx, how many of those? [21:30:53] MSRxxx: 377KT [21:30:58] HECC_CTR: MSRxxx, speed 210 or less --Joe
  3. Since the brakes and diff. brakes annunciators work, it could be a dead-zone and/or sensitivity issue. Also don't forget to idle the engine, there could be a dead-zone and/or sensitivity issue also with the throttles, at idle you might need to check that you have something at or below ~600 rpm. Good luck. Edit: also check the axis' orientation, could be mirrored.
  4. Cairo Real Ops! VATSIM Egypt (VATEG), in cooperation with VATSIM Middle East (VATME), would like to invite you to our latest major event. On Sunday, the 1st of May, from 1600z to 2000z, all pilots are invited to fly real world flights in and out of Cairo Intl (CAI / HECA). Full ATC coverage is to be expected for four hours or even more! For booking, scenery, and more: VATEG.net Booking now OPEN! Grab your slot! For any questions, kindly post here.
  5. This indeed is a great topic, I'll also be keeping an eye on the thoughts of the VATSIM members. And you know how to directly reach us in VATEG for any issues. We are always glad to help out and we ourselves are doing the best we can.
  6. Save the Vroute flight plan in the format that FS reads, then AS should be able to read it, blue skies!
  7. Press and hold ALT and try it also in Full Screen mode.
  8. Is there an open-source for the AIP data world-wide that can be used to efficiently construct sector files? Thanks.
  9. I've stood down from VATME5 and VATEG3, I hope I've done something positive and I'd like to thank everyone for their support throughout.
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