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  1. To be honest, I don't know. I'm not a front end developer. Writing the front end for vatstats was a huge task for me. Right now between work and the things I want to do for vatsim. I'm not sure when it will happen. That said I'm not against someone writing a front end for it. API is still running, anyone is free to use the API.
  2. Or I can be found here. Tl;dr front end is broken, I don't have time to fix it.
  3. I do like the websocket idea. Both from an ease of scaling and implementation compared to Kafka :thonking_intensifies:
  4. theres your first problem
  5. That data is updated once every day. If it doesn't show up in the next 36 hours, we can take a further look.
  6. When trying to use the auth plugin are any errors happening?
  7. Robert, are you having this issue today? We made a configuration change that should have resolved the problem. The change was made yesterday. Amusingly this problem happened to me when posting this message initially. I've made another adjustment. Lets see how it works now.
  8. Hey Aharon, To handle a request like that we would have to have the data in a "hot" like state so that it can be queried. We might be able to make it available in the future in a less "reliable way". What I mean by reliable way is currently we replicate our main databases three times over three machines. Something like this would end up on only one machine. At this time I can't comment on a timeline for this.
  9. Hey Robert, We do have plans to do some blog type posts with information regarding the changes we have been implementing. A decent part of the software stack running Vatsim is starting to be replace with software written recently. Some of our tooling does dates back to early vatsim days. When we work to implement changes that shouldn't cause impact they are tested ahead of time but we can't always test every edge case. Regarding older data, most people aren't looking at data older than a year. Storing this data becomes costly which is why we decided to archive a large chunk of the fli
  10. Currently this isn't possible. The data is stored in a way that isn't usable by a website.
  11. This change happened during our data migration to new systems a few months back. This data is rarely looked at eats up valuable resources. We took the data out of "hot storage" and now its stored cold. We still have the data, its just not in a form that can be consumed through stats.vatsim.net
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