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  1. Hey Romano, Yes, this is still available! Feel free to contact me on discord or roel [at] simgoodies [dot] app. Let me know if there's anything I can assist you with.
  2. Hey @Evan Reiter, Thanks for taking a look at simgoodies! Having been on both the side of the pilots and the ATC experience, I can definitely relate to what you're talking about. Generally the issue you're mentioning tends to mostly arise for events organized by third party, correct? (e.g. a virtual airline groupflight). The realops system right now has two bookable types. Flights Time Slots In both those bookable types you can (as organizers) have good control on how much traffic you want to allow to come in and/or out. Obviously as VATSIM is open for everyone
  3. I present to you the booking system you've been wanting all this time! Real Ops a simgoodies.app formerly known as VATGoodies.com First things first.. who are you? My name is Roël Gonzalez - 1078721. I've been a VATSIM member for more than a decade now and love programming. Okay..? So what is it? This real ops system gives you the ability to add a booking system to ANY type of event you can think of! Real ops is real ops, right? What do you mean ANY event? The name Real Ops was given as a general name and for it to be easier to find as most people would
  4. Hello, Before an IP Address can make a request to the SSO system, it requires approval. I was wondering what the requirements are that make an IP Address approvable.
  5. Real Ops by VATGoodies is LIVE The time is finally here! The first goodie by VATGoodies is here in the form of a Real Ops event system! For those that are not familiar with VATGoodies, please take a look at this forum post Real Ops by VATGoodies can be accessed using the following link: https://realops.vatgoodies.com For more information about VATGoodies, visit us at https://vatgoodies.com Also join our Discord on https://vatgoodies.com/discord On a last note, you heard it here first, next goodie is called Available to Control (ATC for short). Check it by visiting us.
  6. Hey Lakehal, Thanks for making this! This could be useful to use for the goodie(s) on VATGoodies. Do you have plans to make a Laravel specific package?
  7. Hello, VATGoodies is currently on the lookout for beta-testers, there is a limited availability. Candidates must meet the following requirements: Hold a staff role in VATSIM that deals with events. Have experience with managing events. Have programming experience (optional) If you are interested, feel free to join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/aQkKcf5 and get in contact with me. Also if you just want to stay in the loop feel free to join the Discord as well.
  8. Hey Gunnar, Glad to hear that you find this excellent stuff! I am definitely interested in helping the community. Right now, as you probably expect, my focus is fully on making sure that Real Ops by VATGoodies remains on schedule and gets launched in a timely fashion. But I can surely start onboarding with the web services team and see what else VATSIM has got going on, and where I can be of [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istance. I will send in an e-mail tomorrow regarding this. In any case, feel free to mention my name to the team in the meanwhile. Looking forward to hearing more.
  9. Thanks all for showing your interest! In the meanwhile if you want to send in any suggestions or vote on existing suggestions and ideas take a look at this trello board: VATGoodies Idea Wall I have also setup a VATGoodies facebook, where I will try to update on the development on a regular basis. VATGoodies Facebook page If there's anything you feel free to get in contact with me here: Contact form
  10. VATGoodies.com is a new brand that hosts goodies to enhance your VATSIM experience. You can access VATGoodies by visiting https://vatgoodies.com/. Currently there is active development work in progress on the first goodie that VATGoodies will present. Real Ops by VATGoodies With Real Ops by VATGoodies, your flight information region will finally be able to organize the real ops event that you have been wanting to do. It will include features to allow easy management of your event. Since this is in active development it is a good idea to send in any suggestions you may have for R
  11. Thanks for the help so I am going to make the ESE file for the sector and see what it does... thanks for the help guys... if I need more help I'll let you guys know.
  12. First off all thanks for an awesome product! I use Euroscope just for the fact that is has this wonderful ATC Training Simulator within it. Here comes the question: 1. How do the fake controllers on the simulator hand-off to the trainee? For example I have two fake controllers. ICAO_TWR now has the aircraft tracked. The plane has taken off but here comes the problem. How does the fake TWR know it's time to hand off to APP(trainee). Same with an inbound from ICAO_CTR to APP(trainee). That's all I wanted to know. Thanks in advance and continue with this awesome program I love it!
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