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  1. So I'm using XPL 11.40 and X-Pilot I noticed that during flying at some random moments I loose whole audio, that means I can't transmit anything and I don't hear anyone, it happened yesterday and day before. There is no warning that I was logged out from voice server or anything, I have to disconnect and then connect again, that usually fix the problem, but still it can happen every few minutes or after 30 minutes. It's very annoying because of no warning I don't know that I lost communication. I noticed that when the problem appears and I try to push my PTT button on joystick, in X-P
  2. Hi Dace I had exactly same problem. But few minutes ago I managed to hear voice and now seems that everything is working. Try starting xPilot as administrator (right click and run as administrator), that seems to fix my problem but I'm not sure. I would appreciate if you'd let me know if this worked. Also if you have to many clients message just try connecting to other server. For me Sydney server worked fine, even when I'm from Europe.
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