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  1. Recently installed XP9 in ubuntu 11.04, and averaged around 80fps + . I installed it windows, same computer, it barely struggles for 30 fps. I have no idea why it would be this huge of a performance difference. Any ideas? I prefer windows over Ubuntu.
  2. Thanks for the help guys. I don't have an ESE file, however editing some aspects of the VRC sector file gave me all the information i need to control.
  3. Hey Guys I got a question about the active airports and runways in euroscope. What file determines the airports available to be active? If it is in a sector file, where can it be found and edited? I'm using a common sector2 file that is commonly used with VRC.
  4. Just installed Ubuntu 10.10 on my computer, had the nice realization that EVERYTHING on my pc worked right out of the box, my graphics card, my sound, even my netgear wireless adapter (most surprising). Thought i'd test my luck and install VRC through wine, sure enough, it worked. And I mean everything worked, voice, text, graphic, everything. Pair this up with TS3, and X plane 9, and you got an awesome Aviation combo.
  5. nailed it. I took the shot while observing, so thats why the targets are in untracked color. I do think it is AJ's color ASD profile. When tracked, they turn bright blue-whitish.
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