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  1. Oh sweet, thanks guys for the replies. DME absolutely wasn't required for the approach, and I could have identified the fixes with VOR had I been more proficient. I will definitely continue practicing navigating using both methods. I know this is going to be another dummy question, but when you say the 5 T's, what might that refer to? Sounds handy to know My main thought was that a modern commercial aircraft just plain must have 2 DMEs...and that I must be doing something wrong or just not finding the right switch. You indicated that I should check if I have switched VOR2 on for t
  2. Greetings... Very new to the VATSIM community and and re-connecting with Flight Sim on FSX after some years of downtime. I apologize if this question is not appropriate for this forum. I tried out the CRJ-700 default FSX aircraft yesterday for the first time, and was going to attempt an ILS approach (was flying offline for practice). This will show how inexperienced I am, but alas... The ILS approach I was using was not equipped with DME. The plate I was referencing obviously had distances to the various fixes listed in terms of distance from a VOR. I tuned the ILS frequency
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