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  1. Pilot: Houston, We have a problem. (anyother ATC location): *Callsign, You have a biiger problem, this isnt Houston. 0.o
  2. Havent heard it yet, but itd be funny. ABC123: Chicago Center, ABC123 with you 30mi SE of OXI. Go Packers CHI_CTR: ABC123, Proceed direct BEARZ and hold... Etc etc ABC123: Did we say go Packers? We ment Go Bears! CHI_CTR: ABC123, (repeat what was said before)
  3. Adam Should let him take off, and see if he could qctually fly like a normal plane Hmm, /me thinks he should take the blimp or sr71 out Warning: SR71 will bust 250kts on take off
  4. Looking for ZAU (Chicago) VRC files. They are in the ZAU Forum, but cannot be accessed w/o being an controller here, and are also avaiable in the ZAU Teamspeak Lobby File Browser
  5. Last year or so: MSP_CTR: [Callsign, here] Contact Chicago Center 127.8 Pilot: Over to Windy City, Chi Town Center 27.8 See Ya Pilot: Windy City Center, [Callsign] ..... or the one I [sarcasm] love [/sarcasm] Pilot: Chicago Tower, [insert pilot request here] ORD_TWR (me):XXXX, Chicago Tower does not exist. This is Ohare Tower. Ah Chicago
  6. Start:2/10/2011 2300z (1700CST) End:2/11/2011 0300z (2100 2/10/2011 CST) Correct?
  7. Steve, According to what I've been told, prior approval was obtained from VATUSA. We were all within the same place (no more than a few feet from our own computers) so it was technically a "controlled" environment - no pun intended. Wait, so What did u guys do? Just use them same CID (and not logout) or something like that?
  8. You guys are still awake over there, nice, you guys are crazy, in a good way. Enjoy your many weeks of sleep and rest after this. Congrats on hopefully setting a record and for potentially 100% up time. Blue skies and fair pilots ~AJ ZAU
  9. Yes Gary please communicate with that ARTCC about whatever was done to solve or redeem the issue. Communication is key.
  10. issue is something with the model or texture files. (aircraft) check other aircraft, check default aircraft and textures. if fails, reinstall (repair) not uninstall/install.
  11. Evgeny, Is there a link to it? Is there a beta? Can you email me it I'd like to try it out? ETA for it?
  12. Ross, I know that your not planning on developing vrc any more unless required for possible network changes. How hard (how much work n time) would it take/ is it to add an auto handoff feature similar to ES?
  13. Yea, it'll prob take 6months to a year for everyone to get used to it, then the FAA will change it back to P/H It's not exactly political, it is simply a statement... I can add policitial statements to me statement.. end the politics about political statements
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