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  1. I am using the host/remote mode of vpilot (p3d machine as host/2nd machine running the remote). Voice comes in on the host, messages on the remote. For SELCAL, I get the selcal sound and just a brief text message in the simulator, but no history in the messages area of Vpilot - host or remote. Reviewed the doc but did not see any info. Is this the way it is suppose to work - just a brief sound and brief text, but no history of receiving a SELCAL alert within the message box area of the Vpilot client itself? Regards - Jim
  2. Just dropped my slot as I can’t make it. Orlando to Warsaw Jim
  3. Have KMCO - EPWA, 15:00 @ FL380. Looking for something from Toronto, CYYZ, to any destination/time. - Jim
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