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  1. You can reduce the simulators volume for voices to 0.
  2. For single aircraft, you can check (at least in EuroScope) with ".inf" on which frequency the pilot is.
  3. I have these problems as well, my laptop can't handle more than EuroScope, AfV and TeamSpeak (Coordination) together. I tried several browsers, but I cannot open a single chart when providing ATC. Trying to get an overview via QuteScoop is also not possible. And yes, it is always CPU load and not my internet connection like I initially thought.
  4. Hello Robbie, please report such incidents to the respective Division/vARTCC via their feedback form on the homepage or via mail. Then they can try to talk with the controller and train him. You can also try to call a supervisor via the ".wallop " command in your client. We have these fantastic guys, who will try to help you. Please don't hate VATSIM because of some individuals! And please be invited to my ATC homebase Berlin Tegel (EDDT), so we can show you that there are excellent controllers outside the US, who will be pleased to offer you service.
  5. Hello Patrick, first, you can give us some more information: What simulator are you using? What aircraft by which developer? What client are you using?
  6. Hi Jon, 1. here on VATSIM we are a little bit like the UK parliament: We don't name people publicly - at least not in a negative aspect - and we also don't describe them in a way that makes them easy to identify (things like the callsign, especially when combined with the route). If you think you need to report a fellow member, you can send it to the VATSIM supervisors if it is about the Rules or Division/vACC/vARTCC/FIR-staff if it relates to ATC operations. In your case, you could have used a ".wallop" to report a pilot that is not responding and causing a conflict. A supervisor could ha
  7. On Mac, your only option is to use the current swift alpha version, which has AFV-integration
  8. Hello Jack, ATC Training is handled by Divisions or Subdivisions (vACC/FIR/vARTCC). Please contact your local Training Administrator directly, you should be able to find their contact details on the VATUSA homepage.
  9. Hello Luka, if you want to connect to other VATSIM users from your area or even want to become a virtual Air Traffic Controller, you might want to contact the vACC responsible for Slovenia: It is called VATAdria and you can find their homepage here: http://vatadria.net/ Kind Regards, Philipp (former vACC Director VATAdria)
  10. My guess: Because Microsoft Flight Simulator offline ATC taught them so.
  11. Europe: https://www.ead.eurocontrol.int/cms-eadbasic/opencms/en/login/ead-basic/ (free registration required)
  12. Hello Jakub, it is possible to do that. All you need is to define all sectors at a detailed level, that includes all areas that a switched between the stations. If you view for example the Berlin (EDBB) area, you will see, that we have 3 _APP and 1 _DEP position. http://files.aero-nav.com/EDWW N_APP is our primary sector and has ownership for all APP areas if only alone. The other stations are defined on top of that. All you need to do is taking a pen and paper and to make a plan, for which sectors you need multiple ownership and in which order this should take place. If you a
  13. The server does only check if the callsign is currently logged in. Prefiling, just like ATC booking, is just a declaration of the intention to do something. If there is a conflict, we need to do one simple thing: Talk to each other. It seems that you have done that in the case you described. Maybe the next version of the FSD-software (FSD is the protocol on the VATSIM-servers) will have a something like that implemented if you ask the dev guys kindly (or even help them coding).
  14. Hello Kareem, please go to https://hq.vatme.net/ and contact the vACC Staff. Good Luck with your ATC Training!
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