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  1. There is no such thing as "standard VATSIM ATIS", you probably mean the METAR, which broadcasts weather information only. It does not set any active runway. You can select a suitable runway by looking at the wind in the ATIS, but there are sometimes more components to that decision like available instrument approaches, etc.


    But anyway: When no ATC is online, you should try to use UNICOM (122,800 in most areas) to communicate with your fellow VATSIM pilots approaching the airport and agree on the current runway or at least to avoid collisions when using opposite directions.

  2. For the European Division, you can find all login and voice callsigns including their frequencies here: http://api.vateud.net/frequencies


    Speaking about ADR_CTR, this is a fictional callsign, as we are building a vACC that is covering multiple FIRs & countries in the ADRiatic region and so we have no ICAO-code to use for our bandboxed station. Additionally, ADR is already the ICAO for Adria Airways with callsign "Adria" and that matched our voice callsign "Adria Radar". Coverage is provided for LJLA, LDZO, LQSB, LYBA, LWSS, LAAA and Kosovo (just in case you want to visit us )

  3. CPT_IP_NS_14_AUG18.jpg

    What makes more fun than a Controller Practical Test? Of course two Controller Practical Tests! 


    On Friday, August 17, our trainees Nenad & Ivan want to prove that they are ready for their new rating.

    Come and join us to support their efforts. You can fly either long to short range IFR flights or enjoy the beautiful countryside during a VFR trip. 


    Charts for Croatia can be found here, for Serbia, they can be found here

    For Sceneries, you take a look at our VATAdria Scenery List.


    See you in the Skies and enjoy your flight!

  4. It depends: If you have Windows as an Operating System on it, then it should work.

    A different question is, how you are able to interact? Can you connect a keyboard and a mouse, then you should be fine. It might also be possible to interact with EuroScope with just touch and a virtual keyboard, you will have to try it yourself.

  5. I am very sure that is a question from ATSIM-Test and every question can be answered with the material provided by VATEUD and your vACC. If you are not sure how to approach that question, ask your mentor. He can tell you how to figure out the answer on your own.


    To anyone reading this: Please do not post the answer, it will not help in the trainee's progress.

  6. Settings-file = .ESE-file. It has to have the same name as the .SCT-file, e.g. ABCDE.ESE and ABCDE.SCT. ES will load ABCDE.SCT and then search for an .ESE-file with the same name.

    That is correct but not relevant to this topic, the frequencies in the ESE-File are just used to identify other stations and on text frequency. For the Voice Communication Setup the "Ground to Air Voice Channels" in the Settings Files Setup need to point to the correct txt-File.

  7. Hello Elias,


    you can use vasFMC, which is available in a standalone version, providing you an FMC for every aircraft. The problem is, that it uses AIRAC data just like every payware aircraft. You can buy these AIRAC data at Navigraph or Aerosoft NavDataPro. EDIT: You don't need to buy every new AIRAC, depending on the changes that are made in real life and the area you fly in, once or twice is absolutely sufficient.


    The second bad news is, that VATroute is closing soon. You should consider using another route database like vRoute. These routes are also checked against Eurocontrol CFMU just like VATroute.


    Kind Regards,



  8. The effects are just VERY annoying for neighbouring controllers!

    They are annoying for every controller after UK sectors. I have a lot of aircrafts from EG** p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ing through LJLA_CTR/ADR_CTR and often need to deal with their tags longer than necessary. And potentially miss instructing a final turn myself.

  9. Vatsim is free for all, because nobody is required to pay for it.


    I've applied to be a controller at my home VACC in January. That means I have been waiting for almost 7 whole months now and I think it'll take a while before I can start. It's too bad (and I have 181 hours on observer at this moment) but I can't change it. I just have to wait and so do a lot of others.


    That's nuts! I understand the need for standards, but this goes beyond any reasonable amount of time. Just to get to S1 is going to take a year or more. I'm sorry, Thimo, you're not participating in VATSIM, you are watching VATSIM. We need to do something about this.

    Richard, I appreciate you acting on this but I just want to point out: this is a worldwide problem not limited to Thimo, Tom or anyone else in particular. I took similarly long to get my S1/2 (back in the days before GRP).

    7 Months to get a Training Lesson as a worldwide problem??? It is a reasonable timeframe from Request to Rating Upgrade, yes. But not from Request to First Training.


    For me as Director of vACC Slovenia revalidating sessions are first-world-problems. Why don't you use docomeentation in order to brief your controllers when returning from inactivity? Simply list all important information and recent changes in a pdf and maybe do a test via moodle, etc. and let them control again. Mentors can concentrate on Training rather than Revalidation.


    And to all OBS trying to start your ATC career in a vACC with waiting times of more than 2 months: Look for vACC's that have training capacities. Small vACC's (at least Slovenia vACC) are glad if you want to join their team.

  10. Today I had the following chat:


    [16:31:47] XXX123*: what?

    [16:32:13] >> May I help you?

    [16:32:34] XXX123*: u sent this; ZZZ789*, Eurocontrol East, squawk 0255.

    [16:33:27] >> on my frequency, yes.

    [16:34:03] XXX123*: i'm getting it on my private

    *= Callsigns have been modified.


    My message reached a pilot that was not in my airspace on private message and it was not stored in my chat history. Was it a problem of ES or the network?

  11. @Tim: hmm. My last information was, that Philipp resigned as Director and still closed VACC-Slovenia. Maybe there are changes on this topic i wasn´t informed; on the VATEUD board i found nothing.

    Will discuss it with the division staff.

    Tim is correct, VATEUD vACC Support dragged me out of retirement. We are not making a lot of noise yet, but still waters run deep.

  12. The only countries that are part of the Open Skies program are Georgia and Iceland.

    This statement should be still valid. The other countries have unofficial vACC's wich should be notified before controlling in order to inform about local specialties.

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