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  1. Just a quick reminder about Jetstar Virtual's VA night to be held in Launceston tonight. Location / Time: Launceston YMLT from 19:30 AEDT. ATC Required LT_TWR: 118.7 ML-TAS_CTR: 123.8 Join Jetstar Virtual Airways (JSV) as we visit Launy! Options for JSV pilots include: Long: YMLT-YBBN, YBBN-YMLT. Medium: YMLT-YSSY, YSSY-YMLT. Short: YMLT-YMML, YMML-YMLT. Of course, ALL pilots are welcome to join us and fly ANY route in or out of Launceston! JSV Pilots with an even JP Number should try and fly West bound routes, and pilots with an odd JP Number should endeavour t
  2. In the meantime, you can get the preferred routes from the ERSA: http://www.airservicesaustralia.com/publications/current/ersa/GUID_ersa-fac-2-2_9-June-2005.pdf Cheers, Andy
  3. The joys of changing from a Windows server to a *nix server! It's a sensitive case lol. Webmaster has been notified. See you next Saturday! Cheers, Andy
  4. Hi Micha, The link to the Australian sector files is: http://www.vatpac.org/sectors/index.html The one you will be needing is YMMM_0501.ZIP (5.2MB). Cheers, Andy
  5. Hi Micha, I am sure we can organise some ATC out of Perth for you guys! In regard to the planned routes: The BROOK2 departure is for Runway 21 only. If Runway 03 is active, it will be the PEPPA3 departure. May I suggest that the guys file as follows? PH Y19 AD H31...(rest of above route) PH Y53 WENDY V279... PH L513 VELMO.... ATC will then advise the appropriate SID, but you could expect the BROOK2 (HALIT or TAMOD transition) for Runway 21 and the PEPPA3 (same transitions) for Runway 03. The procedures are available here in case you don't have the link: htt
  6. Just thought I would stick me head in and say G'Day Cheers, Andy
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