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  1. Thank you for that information. Now I know where to find the transitions!
  2. I was browsing /vatsim-germany.org and could not find charts for the transitions. I looked at EDDF and EDDM and found none. They used to be available. Where can I find them? Regards, Bob
  3. Check that you have a vertical mode selected on the autopilot. VNAV, FLCH, Altitude Hold.
  4. In your flight simulator, look for a setting that controls ATC sound set it to 0 or off.
  5. Jorge, Where are the docomeents you mentioned? The link on the "Real Ops" page doesn't work. Best Regards, Bob
  6. My perspective is that the network has never been better. Since the pilot rating and training initiatives were implemented, the overall quality and performance of pilots is much improved. I come to this conclusion in a very unscientific but, for me, meaningful way. As I fly around in my cockpit now a days, it is rare for me to encounter a pilot who does a lousy job of flying, navigating or communicating. Put another way, I used to complain, to myself, frequently about those types of pilots. Now, very rarely! In fact, I find myself often thinking to myself how good the network is lately.
  7. Yes, that was the problem. I was using the desktop shortcut. Thanks much. I'll complete the configuration and make sure all is good.
  8. I had been using version 1 over a local network with vpilot on the remote handling communications with PTT on the yoke and all working. I upgraded to v2 today but I did something wrong as I didn't/don't see a selection for the (host/remote) configuration I want run. So I have vpilot2 installed on both machines upgraded via the interface. I upgraded the remote first, then the FSX machine on which previously I only ran Traffic Proxy. When I run vpilot on the "remote, " it says "no flight simulator found" and closes. On the FSX, it appears to work normally but nowhere have I seen a choice
  9. Watching videos of corporate jet and turbo prop operators has helped me understand how to use unicom. On the ground it is never used for taxi, only before entering a runway for takeoff and , if other traffic is present, clearing a runway on landing. In the air, it is used within 20 miles or less of destination with position, intentions and runway of choice and on joining the pattern. Additional updates are issued IF other traffic is present to coordinate with them. I agree with others who have said keep it simple, brief and minimal. For me, I am concerned voice CTAF will bring a ple
  10. Okay. I understand. It was not my intention to upset the apple cart. Regards, Bob
  11. I expected that there could be issues with the "how to" and valid concerns about the possibility of people abusing the system and ignoring their responsibilities. I'm no technical expert. If it is something we decide to implement, hopefully there is a way to enter this information. A pilot's responsibilities to contact ATC would not change. And for those inclined to take advantage, they are probably already part of the problem. When I look at at who's online, the majority of pilots fly in uncontrolled airspace. Are all these pilots at the controls every minute, I doubt it. Also
  12. This is an interesting discussion and I understand both sides of it. Perhaps we should add to the Code of Conduct a requirement that a pilot who, when ATC is absent steps away temporarily for those reasons already mentioned, place a message in remarks or other suitable place explaining the absence. Like: "No ATC observed ahead, grabbing a snack, back in :15." I believe most members follow the CofC and want to do the right thing. This would help everyone to quickly understand the situation and resolve it. Best Regards, Bob
  13. Thank you, James. I look forward to flying with ACARS/CPDLC and enjoying the benefits it affords to pilots and controllers. All the best, Bob
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