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  1. Thanks Andrew. Just to be clear, the Num +, you mention, is the +on the Numbers Pad and not the + on the += button?
  2. Hi. I'm trying to get back to controlling and need to ask questions so here we are. Which keys do you use for your push to talk keys? I'm just trying to wrap my head around both the primary and secondary. Headset with mic as the primary and desk mic and speakers as secondary. I'm interested in CANScope / EuroScope but curious with the VRC and others if people wish to comment on them as well. Been tossing around the idea of Left Control for primary and Right Control for secondary. Thank you for your time. Edit: Maybe I screwed this up. I'm looking to have diff
  3. Hi Gary. I accidentaly deleted your email to me. Would you please resend it to me? Thanks Dennis Bergen
  4. I'm just wondering who to get in touch with for training in VHHK. as I've just become a member of Vatasia and the ROC Division. Thanks.
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