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  1. Did you make sure the VMR file is active in the AFV beta client as well? I checked mine and all the SHT call signs point to BAW paints.
  2. Maybe a long shot but is your BVAI folder showing in your add-on XML?
  3. Been discussed more times then you can count , Not every VATSIM pilot has the ability to speak or hear!!! It's called anticipate, Listen to the channel, easy to figure out where you're going to be sent off next. I've been on this network for some 20yrs now and although I absolutely agree pilots should have some sort of clue before logging on I don't ever see it happening. To many want everything spoon fed to them. Can't be bothered to get charts, enter the proper ICAO codes for aircraft or airlines, determine active runways. Which are ALL available online. It's very easy to
  4. Ya sorry about that, wasn't till I posted did I remember it was FlightGear.
  5. Except if you look at his screen shot he's south of Ghana. Closer to Accra or 0,0 From the sounds of it you have not installed and/or registered FSUIPC which sends your coordinates to SquawkBox and it currently sees you in 0,0 (Lat, Lon) Install and register FSUIPC in your FS and all will be fine.
  6. Did you change your start location to EGLL? Pretty sure that area you're describing 0º Lat/Lon
  7. Couldn't agree more with Andreas and Ross. I'm also one of those that have not had problems with voice since I joined way back in 2002. Common courtesy, proper setup, and patience seems to always work for me. oh did I mention proper setup???
  8. I've used everything from a $30 Plantronic headset to the $200 Saitek PH09 Pro Flight Headset and everything in between and have had great luck with all of them. I find the biggest problem is people don't know how to setup the client properly, Calibrate your mic, and at the very least turn on VHF simulation in Vpilot under the audio tab, this will cut most of the bottom end out (High P[Mod - Happy Thoughts] Filter) and make it far more easier to understand when you come across pilots and ATC that think swallowing the mic is the ideal setup.
  9. Even a simple internet search would've gave you the same results considering it's literally the first entry. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ICAO_aircraft_type_designators Strange that there's no B77F on there though.
  10. CYYC, Calgary P3dv4 Compatible http://www.fsimstudios.com
  11. Just going to stab in the dark here as I run a networked system, But I have my PTT [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned through FSUIPC, But you have to have the check mark in HOLD WHILE pressed, or else the TX will just flicker a not stay on.
  12. Problem with that is people will still put in B77F, MD1F, B747, PA28 because they still believe those are the proper ICAO codes
  13. Keep in mind that there's a lot of supervisors who fly as well, a few times I have come across someone abusing UNICOM and have sent them a private message.
  14. I just have a split connector, one to my headset, one to my speakers. When I'm on log hauls I just turn the speakers on.
  15. I have a subscription and use it quite a lot, it's just another tool in my [Mod - Happy Thoughts]nal, especially on those approaches you're not quite sure on.
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