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  1. Do you think this registry editor will work with WinSplit? I had WinSplit working with Euroscope but after a major update of our scope in my region it stopped working. I can't quite figure out why, but wondering if this will work.
  2. I personally think this change was a terrible idea. You really lose the community feel when you can't see peoples names. Over the years as pilots and controllers you get to know many of the people on Vatsim and see them flying on Vatspy or on your scope etc. When it goes anonymous you really lose something great. I am trying to think of a benefit to this....other than perhaps the one pilot in the witness protection program but other than that I have no idea.
  3. OK thanks, that website should be pinned somewhere if not already.
  4. With the change next Monday has a date been set for when the pilot and controller clients will be released with the new voice?
  5. Usually the STAR is determined by your arrival direction and should not change regardless of the runway in use (not always though). Changing STAR and runway on the fly should be relatively simple and should not interfere with your flight, not sure why this would be a big problem. You can always request a preset runway but ATC may not allow it depending on other traffic flow. One thing to try is copying your route in the Secondary Flightplan (with no STAR and runway) and then if this situation comes up you can load the secondary route and program in the STAR and RWY in a clean route witho
  6. Are the CODEC developers planning to release some information on how the wide beta test went and where we are in the process? I flew MCO to MSY and found the experience excellent. A few issues with how loud or soft some pilots/controllers were in the headset which I suspect is related to their own mic setup.....I notice with the beta of vPilot there was no walkthrough of the mic levels to set it up so maybe that was the issue.
  7. Wow so odd that there is no slew. I guess you could disconnect from the network and pushback and taxi to another gate. Kind of a pain but maybe a better option than reloading the sim.
  8. Order of controllers. Vatsim is based on topdown coverage. So all controllers will cover down from their position to Delivery. so an Arrival controller will cover Departure, Tower, Ground and Delivery. There are some rare cases where this does not happen but for the most part this is true. Center would cover Arrival, Departure, Tower, Ground and Delivery. you just need to check with Vatspy who is online, confirm with Swift and contact the most appropriate controller. If you get it wrong they will send you to the correct controller frequency. I would recommend you park at an ai
  9. Here I will fix Canada for you. www.fltplan.com Free charts but needs sub.
  10. I am all good with controlling VFR aircraft providing flight following or tower as needed. Add some variety.
  11. I am not aware of a video, however, a number of controllers stream on Twitch. You can watch their streams or previous recordings to get a good idea and follow along with the ES Wiki to see the various shortcut and mouse clicks used to change the tag information.
  12. Which aircraft are you trying it with ? If its say a 737, is it PMDG or default/freeware? Basically you need to understand how the particular aircraft you are using captures the ILS. For example the PMDG 737 requires you to tune the ILS frequency (both for autoland). The FS labs A320, just requires that the runway is programmed into the FMGC. Once above is understood, you generally approach the runway heading at an intercept angle of about 30 degrees. Speed is also important, many new pilots approach way too fast....shoot for 190 knots in a jet. Altitude of about 3000ft and far en
  13. Yes still controlling, I was not able to do as much but have been more active in the past few months. Yes Toronto Tuesday nights we are trying to control many of the smaller towered airports. If work is not keeping me away I should be controlling that night.
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