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  1. Hi guys! I have an idea: is it possible to create within the VATSPY section where the top 5 or top 10 airports with the most traffic at the moment will stand? I think that in this way the vast majority of pilots would decide to fly to these airports or take off from them with ATC included. Thanks
  2. Hi! amazing plugin really! one question: is it possible to resize or to change a shape of a polygon shape of aircraft? as it is now some sort of "christmas tree shape" , so is it possible in next update or by ourselves to change it for example to represent a aircraft shape or even a DOT shape, or square or so? Thanks!!
  3. Hi folks, just a small reminder for next update. Airports LYPG ,LYBE and LYNI has other names than it is on VAT SPT at the moment... so please update this: LYPG: Podgorica Airport (NOT Podgorica Titograd, Titograd is a old name for Podgorica before 1991) LYBE: Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport (NOT Beograd-Surcin) LYNI: Nis Constantine the Great Airport Thanks and i hope that this things will be done 🙂
  4. Hello folks! I Inform you that (Tuesday, 08.02.2011.), starting at 20h local time(19z) on LYBE airport, held a double practical test for colleagues Adam and Vladimir. Adam will work on LYBE_TWR position and try to get his S2 rating, while the Vladimir will work to position LYBA_CTR and try to get C1. It would be nice if there were a lot of p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] over LYBA FIR and flights to and from LYTV,LYPG and LYBE course. I hope you will respond in a satisfactory number, enjoy the professionalism of our ATC's and help our and yours colleagues to gain a deserved rating.
  5. Hi !! i have problem: i set up my ES radar,put evreything i need for ATC,then i save all that settings, and close ES programm. I start again ES , and all my settings were gone.... ( ES won't open my settings, even if i chose from OPTIONS OPEN>.... or LOAD SECTOR FILES.... and i must start setting up from the beginning and it is so frustrated..... what i do,help me.... Best regards,Sasha
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