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  1. I'm seeing the same issue on the latest version of vERAM. Posting here anyway becuase they are closely related issues, and the information below may be useful to others having this problem with vPilot. I just received my foot pedal (Delcom 703600), and had already seen this thread so I was careful to not install anything, as Ross suggests. However, it didn't detect the pedal as a joystick, but instead recorded a keyboard space in vPilot/vSTARS, while vERAM has the aforementioned error. vPilot accepted the pedal as my PTT button, but shows "Keyboard Key: Space" vSTARS
  2. Gah, so it was hiding in there! The combination of making that change and remapping the keyboard does the trick perfectly. Thank you so very much! EQ
  3. Pretty blind shot in the dark, but here it goes: As we all know, real-world ERAM keyboards have the numbers arranged phone-style, with 1-2-3 on the top instead of 7-8-9. Of course, switching back and forth between ERAM-style and normal numpads is something I've slowly gotten used to over time, but vERAM is such a convincing replica of real ERAM that my brain is constantly trying to enter numbers using the ERAM keyboard number layout. It only recently occurred to me I might be able to do something about this... I have a fancy SteelSeries keyboard which I quickly set up the numbers to ty
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