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  1. One by one. Actually I just re-downloaded it yesterday as I had some duplicates so I am just about to du a fresh install. The active airlines are "only" 1,5 gb. Add the that cargo, GA and airlines no longer operating. I just read yesterday that they are looking for beta-testers for a new installer. I really-really hope that a new installer will make it easier to keep track on which packages are installed on the system and in-program-links to new airlines.
  2. On the other hand. If you normally just fly in certain areas (Like ZA) there is no need to download the entire WOIA package just the ones that you would meet on your way. Not that big a chance to run in to a Norwegian or AirAsia flight while taxing in Jo'borg.
  3. I have downloaded all WOAI files. The folder with the zip-files is about 3 gb. Note that if you were thinking about the vPilot WOAI-file it will not work unless you actually have the WOAI AI traffic installed
  4. Hi guys. Thanks. And so just to make sure, the info in aircraft.cfg og the aircraft I fly does not play a role. The reason I am asking is that I the other day did a flight logged in with a KLM callsign and as B B738. But the actual repaint I used was something completly different. So I just wanted to make sure the other pilots actually saw i KLM machine. And then a huge thanks to Ross for vPilot! The model matching works really great. When I arrived in Amsterdam around 10 other aircrafts were perfectly displayed "out of the box". Great!! Cheers Peter
  5. Just a quick question to clarify: When loggin on which parameters are used by other pilots to determine what to display? Prefix in callsign = Company? ACFT in connect window = model? Or does my actual aircraft in FSX play a role? Cheers Peter
  6. Thanks for the answers. To both Dustin and Nicholas: Thanks. Just what I was looking for. Could be a great service to non-US pilots to have such a map on the vatusa site to help us find the charts for the airports, so we don't create to much havoc over there. Take care guys. See you once I make it across the ocean. Season greetings.
  7. Hi guys. Many times I have thought about making all the way over the ocean to The States. A few days ago I started on some flightplaning. However at the vatusa page, I was unsure about which VACC/FIR cover which airports. The problem isn't knowing where the cities are located (Hey, that's why we have navigation). But I'm not sure about which ACC the airports fall under. So I would like to ask if you guys could draw a map (or make a link to a map) on the frontpage, so we can get a better idea of which cities/airports belong under which area. Here's kinda of what I'm thinking about: http
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