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  1. Thanks Ross, I keep all my installed AI on when I fly with vpilot, but I delete any AI that isn’t parked. That keeps my airports looking interesting and alive. I also delete AI that are parked in the same spot as a vPilot injected aircraft. That’s where my problem was. I was unintentionally deleting vPilot injected aircraft if two vPilot aircraft were occupying the same spot. Cheers, Bryn.
  2. Hi Ross, Thanks for your generosity in taking the time to respond to this. I think I've nailed it down. I observe the creep in memory usage that you noted, which is faster in dense traffic areas, but this doesn't explain such high memory footprint and CPU usage at the end of a flight. However, your comment that this has not be otherwise reported made me look more closely at my own setup. It looks like one of my other programs accelerates the vPilot memory usage and CPU usage by occasionally repetitively deleting a vPilot-created simObject whenever it is created. When this happens, th
  3. Hi Ross, Thanks - I tested it this afternoon by rolling back to 2.5.1, which I think was the first version to identify P3Dv5. I had the same problem with that version too - the memory slowly creeped up over time and CPU usage increased. I guess my question is what would be causing vPilot to continue use so much RAM and so many CPU cycles after it has disconnected from VATSIM, but while the sim is still running?
  4. Hi, With recent versions of vPilot (including 2.6.10), I've noticed the memory and CPU usage seems to be a lot higher, especially the longer it has been open. After a two hour flight from Long Beach to Tahoe, the memory footprint was 800mb, and it was taking up around 5% of CPU. It was also creating stutters in the P3D, which cleared up as soon as I closed vPilot. Has something changed that could induce what looks like a memory link? I usually fly using Vatsim with Live Traffic, and with parked AI at departure and destination, which requires looping automatic deletion of airborne A
  5. It’s helpful to have a text file at the end of the flight without having any interaction. I can write a script to filter the log to what I need, and then adjust my AI fleet accordingly.
  6. No worries. Is it possible to turn it back on, so we can keep track of missing liveries? Cheers, Bryn.
  7. I've tried the -dbglog with the 2.1.17, but no debug log is created. I can only create a debug log using -dbgwin and saving to file. -netlog works, and creates a file as expected.
  8. There used to be a really useful file called modelmatching.log in docomeents/vpilot. You could check it at the end of a flight and see which liveries were missing, and spend a few minutes adding these to the models so they worked next time. This looks like it is now gone (along with the also useful similarAircraftTypes.txt where you could override erroneous ICAO codes for aircraft types, e.g., N747 to B744). Is there any way to see which liveries are missing anymore? Bryn.
  9. Hi, I just noticed that this file was not in my vPilot directory. Was it removed in version 2.0? It was a handy file to override the wrong ICAO identifiers of other pilots on vatsim. I realise this was over-written every time I updated the client, but I immediate over-wrote whatever was put there, because mine was far more complete than the developer's. If I put a SimilarAircraftTypes.txt file in the vPilot 2.0 directory, will it use it? Cheers, Bryn.
  10. Heard at JFK a week or so ago... ATC: "station calling, please say callsign".... Pilot: "callsign"
  11. Now that vPilot makes model matching so easy, I thought I'd look around and see if any VA's have repaints so I can see them when I fly. The only VA that I could find that had a set of repaints was Canadian Express (who also nicely have a VMR file for their fleet, which can be easily imported into vPilot). Here's the Canadian Express set: http://canadianxpress.ca/downloads/vPilotModelSet.aspx Has anyone seen any other VA repaint sets? Be cool to see them all in FS. Bryn.
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