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  1. You may come out better taking a screen shot and sharing it.
  2. Frankly, I don't know why the controller even bothered to ping the pilot on final anyway. Regardless of skill set, you don't know if that pilot is hand flying and/or flying via AP. To even bother contacting at the most crucial part of the flight is like a lack of common sense (to me), especially if the point is just to have the pilot side step. As the OP pointed out several times, the proximity of the runways in question, and/or the ease of side stepping isn't the point. It's the principle of the matter of inconvenience during the most crucial part of flight. If I'm on final, and you
  3. All's fine for me. Just visited the site with no issues.
  4. I have it. Looks are good. Durability, not so much. Had mine for 2 months, then I had rudder issues where it wouldn't recognize full rudder to the left. Only partially. Then one of the buttons snapped off. So I wouldn't recommend it. Shockingly, there are a lot of joysticks out there that don't have good durability, and a lot of them are well known products.
  5. I've actually experienced this several times in the Level-D. Increase thrusts, then engage N1 (like you), after around 80kts, RTO suddenly kicks in, and I never could figure out why (didn't really feel like researching the issue). So after 2 RTOs in a row, I just disabled RTO the next time around. This'll be interesting to follow.
  6. Hi all, Is it possible to run FS9 without having to insert disc 4? I'd like to be able to watch movies, etc, as I fly on my laptop, however, that's possible if the only way for me to run FS9 is to have the disc inside the laptop. I just bought The Office Season 5, so I'd like to watch a little while flying. Is this possible? If so, anyone know how to do it (and/or would mind explaining how to?)?
  7. Active Camera isn't installed as this is a fresh instillation. o.o
  8. So after finally getting my system to retake the instillation process of FS9, window mode freezes. When I attempt to cycle through views, it freezes on cockpit view. Then, by minimizing and maximizing the window (sort of like "refreshing), the view that I selected will show up, however, it too will be frozen. The process is continuous from that point. Before, I never had these issues with window mode. Here are my display settings if this helps any, although, just food for thought, I hadn't changed any of my settings when I didn't have issues before.
  9. It worked, Ernesto! I feel foolish because when I've had to do this before, I knew to delete the old program folder...
  10. FS9 has 4 discs. The disc FS9 runs on is Disc #4, and when Disc #4 is inserted there's no prompt or anything. Not sure how to launch it without selecting the desktop icon...
  11. So I just did that after launching it from the desktop icon. Since it didn't work, I'm [Mod - Happy Thoughts]uming that wasn't where I was supposed to launch it. Was there an alternative method I should've tried?
  12. So I'm having issues with my FS9. I uninstalled and reinstalled it, but when attempting to launch the program, the splash screen loads, the resolution changes as if it's going to launch in full screen mode, then the resolution changes back to normal and nothing happens. Before, I've always used FS9 in Windowed Mode, but I have no idea how to have it launch in Window Mode, especially since it can't even display the main FS9 screen. Any suggestions?
  13. Care to elaborate on the deselect? Explain what you do I mean specifically.
  14. Ha! The cloud settings worked for me too! What do you all have them as? I think I set mine to "scattered". Any ideas on what's best?
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