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  1. It would seem that if they can parse flightaware data they should be able to parse the vatsim server. how they convert that to models I’m not sure, I did install the mega livery pack and noticed that real world airlines are showing up with AI traffic although the gate assignments are all wrong but it’s a start
  2. I started the process to convert my FAA licenses into vatsim license. I submitted proof and I did not receive a confirmation or any visual representation on the website that it’s pending. can someone confirm it’s been received?
  3. Hey guys... Look forward too a new bright Active VA hitting the caribbean in a about 2 months If your from the caribbean then you must be familiar with the airline BWIA...i have waited many years hoping to see that bright blue green Steel pan livery on SB but no dice so i took matters into my own hands and presto a Quality VA in the making show your support hopefully togather with dedicated ATC we can make the caribbean a hotspot for virtual Aviators...This airline could not be possible with out my close friend Josh keller who is also working on the Piarco ARTCC website...althought we are
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