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  1. Worldflight invites all VATSIM members to participate in Worldflight 2019. All the relevant details can be found on the Worldflight website https://www.worldflight.com.au/, or Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/WorldFlight. We look forward to another great year!
  2. 48 Legs this year.... YSSY --> YBCS --> YBRM --> WIII --> WSSS --> WITT --> VCBI --> VRMM --> FJDG --> FIMP --> FMCZ --> FALE --> FAOR --> FACT --> FNUB --> FOOL --> DNMM --> GOOY --> GMAD --> LPMA --> LEBL --> LSZH --> EDDL --> EGNM --> ENVA --> ENTC --> ENSB --> BGTL --> CYYR --> CYOW --> KMSP --> KJAC --> CYVR --> PASI --> PAFA --> UHMD --> UHMM --> UHSS --> RJSF --> RJBB --> ZSSS --> VHHH --> WBSB --> WAAA --> YPDN --> AYPY --> YBCS --> YBBN --> YSSY We look forward to your company in November!
  3. Thanks for the info Wygene, we've updated the spreadsheeet accordingly
  4. Folks, the team at WorldFlight are thrilled to announce the release of the final WorldFlight 2017 routes, times, and suggested sceneries spreadsheet. As always, all the WorldFlight information is available via our website, but for the sake of convenience, here is a direct link to download the Excel file. http://www.worldflight.com.au/files/WF2017/WF2017-FlightInformation.xlsx We look forward to seeing all the regulars, the irregulars, and the first timers join us on our annual adventure whether you're on a flight deck, or behind a radar scope.
  5. Active VATPAC members are invited to join new Board members at a Town Hall meeting to be held next week. Please join us if you can. Where: VATPAC Teamspeak Server When: Friday evening, August 18th, 8:30pm AEST Tracy Shiffman A/Director Australia Pacific Division
  6. WorldFlight 2016 flight plans have been released in all the popular formats! You'll find them on the main Download page of the WorldFlight Website: http://www.worldflight.com.au/ops/downloads/
  7. All Flight Plans for WorldFlight 2016 have now been published on the WorldFlight Website. You'll find them in the Operations --> Downloads section as a single PDF file, and also displayed in the Operations --> Flight Schedules section by clicking the downwards arrow on the right side of each flight. http://www.worldflight.com.au Just 46 more sleeps
  8. Join us for our first major event of 2016 as we replicate the real world schedules of both Brisbane and Gold Coast. All the details can be found at http://events.vatpac.org/special/realops-brisbane-tma We'd love to see as many guests from other regions as possible joining in for what promises to be a fun 7 odd hours! January 10th, 2016 0400z - 1100z.
  9. There will be major outages of our web based systems over the weekend of 11-12-13 December, commencing around 1200 AEDT on Friday 11 Dec 15. All services hosted on our web platform may be offline for extended periods during the weekend. These include (but are not limited to): The VATPAC website; VATPAC forums; Training Moodle; ATC [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist; Pilot [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist; and VATPAX. The Oceania VATSIM server, Oceania voice server, and VATPAC TeamSpeak server will be unaffected.
  10. In an effort to try and centralize our event information, we've created a new forum specifically for all event announcements. Each thread links to a calendar where you can set a reminder if you so wish. Click below: http://vatpac.org/forums/forumdisplay.php?112-VATPAC-Event-Announcements
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