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  1. You should be able to do this already, I'll take a look at your permissions shortly to make sure you can edit your own post for an infinite amount of time.
  2. Hey, we can try out some different colors that aren't so hard on the eyes. These colors are the usergroup colors so on the desktop version, the color is displayed on the usergroup and not the username. I apologize & we'll sort something out so it's easier to see.
  3. Hey Sean, Sorry about that, I went ahead and removed the full stop from the url so it should be easier to access now. Thanks!
  4. Hey, Try logging out and back in for me?
  5. Good question, I think this is something that @Matthew Bartelsand @Mats Edvin Aaroare possibly working on. Will take a look and keep you updated for sure!
  6. Heya, First off, welcome back! VATSIM still does support FSX, along with P3D, X-Plane, etc. If you're looking for a base sim that "looks good", I'd recommend X-Plane because it's the most visually appealing straight outta the box. However, there's scenery packs, airport sceneries, shaders, weather engines, etc. that all make any of the sims I listed look way better graphically. What I've noticed re: TeamSpeak or Discord is that most Divisions and Facilities end up using TeamSpeak (at least in VATUSA and VATCAN) for more of the "official" "professional" communications like when there are multiple controllers controlling airspace, and then Discord is more of a discussion tool to make announcements, chat, hang out and have off topic chats so there's definitely a pretty decent separation between the two but I would recommend keeping both on hand until you decide where you wanna go Division and Facility wise. Otherwise, if you have any other questions feel free to ask, there's tons of people who know a lot about VATSIM and Simming, so you're definitely in the right place. Either way, welcome back! 🙂
  7. Hey there, I'm sure if you're interested, you could email our VP of Web Services at [email protected] Thanks!
  8. Hey Sean, Understandable that you're concerned, however Matthew did state that a more formal announcement about some significant infrastructure changes will be coming soon. Give it some time for them to make the announcement and hopefully that will address the concerns you have.
  9. Hi everyone! Every week, VATSIM Facilities from around the world host some really amazing events for VATSIM Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers to participate in. We wanted to keep you all up to date with how you can stay informed about our events, as we've created a brand new home for them on the social media platforms we love. The same VATSIM events, just in a better, more streamlined location! On Twitter, follow @vatsimevents On Facebook, give us a like on /vatsimevents All events are posted on the Events Feed on our homepage, vatsim.net, and also posted in the Events section, right here on the VATSIM Forums! If you're posting an event, make sure you take a look at the "Posting an event? Read this!" thread for more information about officially posting an event. Division Event Managers and others that post official events in this section, you're more than welcome to reply to this thread with any questions or concerns that you may have. Our Marketing Team is here to help you! Be sure to give a like & follow to the new VATSIM Events accounts. As always, if you have any questions please feel free to let us know! Thanks, VATSIM Marketing & Comms Team
  10. All of the posts in there appear to be owned by a member, but I'll double check permissions. Thanks Andreas!
  11. Cool, try reading this: https://www.vateud.net/atc-training/first-steps/
  12. Just so I'm telling you correctly, what division did you select?
  13. Hi Alberto, Take a look at the ATC Training page here: https://www.vatsim.net/air-traffic-control/training This will give you the starting information you need so you can select a Region & Division. Once you select your Region and your Division, you'll be able to navigate their websites to learn more about becoming a virtual controller. Of course, once you have selected your region & division and you still have questions, feel free to poke back. 🙂
  14. Hey, I can appreciate the concerns that you have. I know that the old forums were around for a very very long time but I do hope you'll give this one a chance. I know we keep saying "this change was necessary!" and we're not really explaining why but the tl:dr version is that the old forum software needed very badly to be upgraded to make sure no old security exploits were there. The upgrade from the old forum version to the new forum version of the old software would quite probably break a lot, so we determined that during this upgrade, we wanted to convert the old forum database to this software which is quite a bit more modern, has a full time support team, and also receives regular updates. While I can't say that ALL of the old forum features exist now, I can say that there are some that are just located in different places to be less intrusive, such as the going to the last unread post and also linking to a specific post; If you click the "Posted x Hours Ago" next to your username: this will allow you to link to a specific post. When clicking into a forum thread, it should (usually) jump you to the first unread post, so if you have never read the specific topic in question, you would be brought to the start of the topic. Do you have a preferred Text Editor? We have the ability to add additional editors, it's not something that I've done before but I'd be happy to looking into how viable it is to add it to this forum software while also keeping the WYSIWYG editor enabled for the others that like it. The current text editor tries its best to keep formatting the same from wherever you copy it from. You can remove text formatting once it's posted or you can right click --> paste as plain text if this is the issue you're referring to. I understand that there are growing pains with this new forum software, but we really do thing it was for the best and I hope that you'll continue to give it a chance while we work through issues that are brought to our attention. Thanks!
  15. @Nick Marinovaware, we're looking into it 🙂
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