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  1. @Justin RebeloGlad to hear you had a great experience, I forwarded this off to the folks at KMSP, I'm sure they'll love to see this feedback ^_^ EDIT: Welcome to VATSIM! Let us know if you need anything or have any questions!
  2. Thanks for pointing this out, I've let someone on our team know. 🙂
  3. The old forum theme (for the previous forum version) is still enabled for Admins while I grab some stuff. Will get rid of it. ❤️ EDIT: I fixed it!
  4. We've recently updated our forum software. This update was a major update, changing a lot behind the scenes, along with some front-end cosmetic changes. If you notice any problems, please let us know! Thank you.
  5. Make sure your account is active and not suspended. Only members with an active, unsuspended account can join the server.
  6. Hey there, Use services like VATSpy to see who's online when you're ready to fly.
  7. Moderator Notice: Moved to AFV Windows Support
  8. I appreciate the Santa Claus comparison. I come from a game industry background professionally, and it's all too often that people expect a perfectly polished product straight out of the box. When developers state that they're going to continue driving updates into the product after release, that means they're dedicated to fixing the problems the consumers report. I expect this initial release to have some things that we, as flight simmers, do not appreciate or like but I also anticipate that they are very open to constructive, critical feedback so they can improve the Sim and create wha
  9. Applications are now being accepted for the position of Content Producer, VATSIM Marketing. The VATSIM Marketing & Communications Team is composed of three important tiers, Social Media, Member Engagement, and Network Outreach. VATSIM is looking for individuals that are passionate about aviation and VATSIM who can help execute our marketing vision by creating deliverables for activations across the VATSIM Network. REPORTS TO: General Manager, VATSIM Social Media & Content Marketing Manager RESPONSIBLE FOR: Creating multimedia assets for various social media platforms in accor
  10. Podcasts are pretty cool to do, especially if distributed properly and you gain traction. I had thought a VATSIM Podcast would be kind of cool as well, but I always think that filling up a 30-45 minute podcast with content that isn't repetitive is a pretty significant undertaking. If you can come up with the content, I personally think it's a great idea especially in the sense of proactive marketing strategy as podcasts reach audiences you normally wouldn't reach. Good luck, I say go for it! 🙂
  11. I appreciate all the interest in this role - we've received quite a lot of applications and I'm confident that with this application pool, we'll have sufficient to fill the open vacancies. The vacancy is now closed, and I am working through applications still. Everyone should receive a response relatively soon. Thanks again for your interest!
  12. Hey Hans, Our Network Team is aware and are investigating - sorry for the increased downtime. Thanks!
  13. Moderator Note: Moved thread from "General Discussion" --> vPilot Support
  14. Applications are now being accepted for the position of Specialist, VATSIM Social Media. The VATSIM Marketing & Communications Team is comprised of three important tiers, Social Media, Member Engagement, and Network Outreach. VATSIM is looking for individuals that are passionate about aviation and VATSIM who can help execute our Social Media strategy across multiple different social platforms. REPORTS TO: General Manager - VATSIM Social Media RESPONSIBLE FOR: Assisting with the ideation and implementation of new social media strategies on all VATSIM Social Media accounts, includi
  15. Presumably, like any modern software you can control where it downloads/installs, and other games should not interfere with the MSFS installation.
  16. What Nestor said, unfortunately old posts were affected by the swear filter during a migration, this shouldn't be happening anymore though!
  17. Hey Corey, Up until yesterday, there was really only speculation about VATSIM's compatibility for Microsoft's new Flight Simulator. As we get closer to the release date, we'll have more information about how to use VATSIM with the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. Keep an eye on our Twitter and/or Facebook Page as well as here on our Community Forums for news and announcements related to MSFS. Outside of that, welcome to VATSIM! I've been flying for a few years now and I still love going up in a smaller GA plane, touring around different states and countries which is definitely something
  18. I dropped about $120 on a Logitech Pro X headset, sound quality is great and the microphone has blue technology built in, so it's pretty good quality.
  19. Heya, I'd give it up to 24 hours for your account status to be distributed across the entire network.
  20. Congratulations to you both! @Zach Biesse-Fitton I know you'll do well!
  21. All the questions that kept coming in, but I'm glad we were able to announce it this way!
  22. Let's keep the conversation constructive, please. Regardless of name, based off of the thread title I'm pretty sure everyone knows what you're talking about.
  23. Hi Mark! Welcome to the forums! If you have any questions feel free to let us know. 🙂
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