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  1. Fair enough Ryan. I'll just keep checking. I departed out of Dublin in a previous Westbound CTP and remember we received our Oceanic Clearance while still on the ground at EIDW because we were already close to Shanwick airspace. I was just wondering if that was the case again this time. I'll check their website in the meantime. Was also curious if they would be "simulating" any disruptions caused by the new east-west runway project going on near the northern airport perimeter...probably not. Randy
  2. Will there be Departure Airfield Information Briefs available for all the fields? The only one I see on the CTP site is for Oslo...or do I have to go to Facebook for that info? Randy
  3. Really glad to see a "swift" thread show up here. I have been acting as an alpha tester for the FS2004 swift version and have to say so far it exceeds all my expectations. There are still a few bugs with the FS2004 version (haven't used it for FSX yet and don't have P3D or xPlane), but I can [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ure you the developers are very, very quick to work them out. I just finished downloading, as an alpha tester, the latest development version only days old and will be putting it through the paces in the coming days. Randy
  4. Ahhh! Hadn't thought of that. Then I could leave from EGLL, which I presume there will be at least Center staffing for and still have wall-to-wall ATC. Thanks Josh. If I decide to go that route I will post my booking cancellation here of course...not on Facebook Randy
  5. I have a slot for EIDW to KIAD and I have a question. This is not my first or second or even third CTP, although I could not for scheduling reasons fly in the last two. I recall from those previous ones that Sel-Cal was entered during booking, but I don't recall it being there this time, nor do I see it in the Pilot Dashboard where my callsign shows. Will controllers get Sel-Cal from my pilot client (I will be using the Alpha test version of the Swift Client for FS2004)? Also, I am "entertaining" using the Concorde this year, something I have never done...but flown a lot in other crossi
  6. Gunnar, I did get your email. I am [Mod - Happy Thoughts]uming you got mine as well which prompted your reply. I will take your email to heart, but still stand by my words, and concede they have been stronger than they needed to be, but such is my p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ion for VATSIM. The message, though, is still appropriate. Advertise, Announce, Inform on VATSIM first and foremost in our forums, then expand to "social media". Social Media should never be our main source of information...the website forums should be and sadly, are not. There are so many "sources" for VATSIM info th
  7. And to everyone on the CTP planning group...and to our esteemed President. I, more than anyone, appreciate the voluntary planning activities that go on behind the scene. I know the effort is monumental. I know the team works hard. If information about the event had been posted in the VATSIM forums, where in my opinion should be the FIRST place it should go, I would have known beforehand what the "plan" was and not have been so surprised to see absolutely no Dublin slots available at 1905Z. I would not have been shocked and I would have had no need to come here and post until I made my "ha
  8. No Gunnar, you don't seem to get it. We don't belong to Facebook. We don't belong to Twitter. We belong to VATSIM and yet VATSIM is entirely devoid of information about the staggered booking release times. Randy
  9. Second round of slots just opened - Did you grab one? Yeah, I got Dublin to Dulles. And Matthew, I am not upset with the process. I am UPSET with where the INFORMATION about the event was disseminated. Until I made my post well above, there was absolutely no NEWS or UPDATES or INFORMATION about the SIGNATURE event of VATSIM posted ANYWHERE on the VATSIM Forums...you know, the organization we ALL belong to!!!! I come to these forums for information, not Facebook, not Twitter, not Instagram. I don't belong to the VATSIM Facebook group. Why? I use Facebook to stay in touch with my
  10. NO... There are no slots left until EIDW opens at 1930Z. It's not cool. It is extremely upsetting that news of the event and process it virtually nowhere to be found on the VATSIM Forums, the FIRST place information should be disseminated. Posting on other Social Media is fine and understand, but the PREMIER site for info SHOULD BE VATSIM!!!! Randy
  11. ON FACEBOOK!!!! Nothing at all on the VATSIM forums...you know, the site hosting the EVENT!!!! You might as well send me to conflict resolution right now because there is going to be a strongly worded post made after this is all said and done. This process SUCKS!!! Randy
  12. 15 minutes in after the 1900Z start and I see no bookings. Are they all taken or is it a problem on the CTP site side?
  13. You gotta be kidding me...30 seconds after bookings open and no slots available??? Randy
  14. Ross, While I hate to sound like I am agreeing with Mike, because I usually don't, I must question this comment of yours... If "Tower" is not already online, how does one "guess" what frequency tower will be when they do "appear" to have that frequency pre-tuned? I know at some of the smaller airports there is only one tower frequency, so easier to guess, but at larger airports where there are several tower frequencies, depending upon different factors, to choose from. You definitely cannot go by the default frequency given in the sim. Nothing that I know of, although I certain
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