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  1. Hi Jonathan, Apologies for the late reply - I forgot I had posted a reply in this thread! I have been having some trouble recently when connecting to EAD. I normally login and click Enter Applications. There is a message that pops up, that you click OK to. At first when I started using it, the message box would get stuck behind a number fo windows and it was very hard to find. I would suggest clicking the button and nothing else, click the OK and then it should load. Otherwise I am not sure what else to say. Hope it helps Alan
  2. A big well done from all those in vACC Support! Congrats to vACC Italy! Alan and vACC Support
  3. Hello Jonathan, NATS have made their charts much easier to get at and have removed the registration requirement. They can be found at http://www.nats-uk.ead-it.com/public/index.php%3Foption=com_content&task=blogcategory&id=6&Itemid=13.html I would also suggest the Eurocontrol website: http://www.ead.eurocontrol.int/publicuser/public/pu/login.jsp which contains all charts for European Eurocontrol affiliated countries and are all up to date. You complete a free registration, login go to Enter Application. Once it loads on the left doible click PAMS Light and then you the drop
  4. A big congratulations to all of you! Very well deserved! Alan
  5. You could try that if you really wanted. But why bother doing it on VATSIM as you would miss all the controllers online??!!
  6. I think that if you type in the transition altitude then select the key next to where it says transition altitude, it will change it. Alan
  7. Robbie, As has already been indicated I look after Heathrow along with other airports in the Capital RTS. I am always looking for people to help me and the RTS develop. Send me an e-mail or private message with your e-mail address and we could have a dicussion on the ideas you have, Thanks Alan
  8. Hello Robbie, This is an event I would like to run in the future but it is still a long way off. How can we have an event at Heathrow when so few people actually man the position (thanks for all the controllers who do man Heathrow)? Also we need to practice with a few smaller events to get the coordination correct. Manning Heathrow does not only require Heathrow to be manned but also London TMA which when fully manned will generate a lot of traffic. This in turn requires support from other major ATC units in the London TMA otherwise TMA could easily get too busy to handle. I am hoping
  9. Hello everyone, We have had regular manning at Heathrow this week but have had very little traffic!! If you are free this evening we have a TWR and split DIR online ready and waiting to provide you with a first-cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] service. If you cannot, we will hopefully see you later this week or at the Capital Night on Thursday 31st May starting at 1800Z.
  10. It starts NOW!!!! Come and watch how it is done and learn something new today!
  11. Just a reminder it is tomorrow! All welcome to fly into Heathrow and to come and watch! Alan
  12. The CAPITAL RTS is proud to present the first in a series of training evenings. The first training evening will be at London Heathrow looking into the various responsibilities of a split Heathrow Director (N/S/F_APP). Director will be fully split with a team of experienced controllers and another experienced controller to guide you through what is going on and to answer your questions. The training evening will take place on Thursday 29th March, 2007 starting at 1830Z (1930 BST) and will last until around 2000Z (2100 BST). This is an evening not to be missed by those who are traini
  13. I believe there is an ILS (localiser and gildepath) to RWY 24R. It is RWY 24L that does not have an ILS in FS.
  14. Thanks for the reply. I had thought that I had changed something on the computer and now the website would not load.
  15. I was wondering if anyone was having a problem accessing the VATSIM UK website? I have been trying all day but have had no luck. It worked OK yesterday and I have not changed any settings on my computer. Alan
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