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  1. Official files will be included in future iterations of the official VATSPY installer. In the mean time, temporary files can be downloaded HERE.
  2. Unless you create a new FIR for oceanic, it will light up over KZNY if it's _CTR and under KZNY Oceanic if it's _FSS. If you wanted you could rename "KZNY Oceanic" as "KZWY" and rename every position to be ZWY_XX_FSS/CTR and it would work that way. Also the latest VATSPY update will light up BDA_XXX
  3. Added a slew of airports today in the United States, Canada, and Mongolia.
  4. This by default (I believe) works with the original VATSPY. I'm not exactly sure what you're seeing. Download the 2014 update from that topic in the interim or send me a PM with you're e-mail and I'll give you corrected files.
  5. Hey Ira! Good to hear from you, and happy New Year. All except Montauk are in ZNY and this is correct within the data file for VATSPY.
  6. EGDD is something in the UK. [Mod - Happy Thoughts]uming you meant EDGG, yes, that is valid Ahh yeah that's already in as Langen Radar. Should be okay.
  7. They're showing online for me as EDGG_XX_CTR. Is there a particular designator that needs to be added? I'm not sure what you mean. When today for example EDGG_E or maybe it was EGDD_P was online, the map did not show the EDGG area highlighted. Yeah EDGG highlights by default. Can anyone from Germany confirm what other callsigns are in use? Is EGDD valid? That's an easy fix if so.
  8. Vataware itself has a bit of difficulty on my end largely in part because it was completely redone a little while ago, Vatspy is configured for the old version but the Vataware website itself needs a bit of a fix first.
  9. They're showing online for me as EDGG_XX_CTR. Is there a particular designator that needs to be added?
  10. Umar those were both included in the previous update posted just a couple of years ago. If the link is not active, those changes are included in the 2016 version anyhow.
  11. Hi All, Me again. Happy new year! Just wanted to give everyone the opportunity to make suggestions for the upcoming update which should be out by the end of this month at the latest. I'd like to post a tentative deadline for next Monday, 1/11/16 for all preliminary suggestions. I realized that there were some major (and quite necessary) changes that were left off of my previous update. Please go ahead and post here publicly even if you have contacted me by e-mail over the last few months. As of now, the update will incorporate the following: -Australian FIR boundaries, pr
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