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  1. I might not have the right forum or question but does this new voice allow two pilots on ctaf to talk to each other instead of texting. what a wonderfull addition to vatsim well done sirs! david lomas 1088674
  2. hi members, i was just wondering about the invitations from other va's regards their flights .:ie italy with their xmas flight .i would have loved to have joined the flights with atc happening .but the time was all wrong for me.would it be possible to have some flights done around09:00 or there abouts for us australian fliers thank you for letting me post david lomas (1088674)
  3. hi ross could you tell me when this update will be available for download i am useing v pilot at the moment .and it sounds like it will be pretty good thanks for listening david lomas (1088674)(qva)
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