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  1. I had the problem though did not have the ASXP folder. Will try disabling TCAS for now
  2. Similar problem here that appeared "out of the blue". When connecting Xpilot as_xconnect crashed. 0:06:23.844 I/PLG: The plugin xPilot 1.3.14 is setting global TCAS override to 1. 0:06:23.844 xPilot/XPMP2 INFO AIMultiplayer.cpp:583/XPMPMultiplayerEnable: Have control now over AI/Multiplayer planes --=={This application has crashed because of the plugin: as_xconnect}==-- Any idea?
  3. Solved the issue- it was the TBM sound panel next to the G1000
  4. Volume in the g1000 is already at 50% :/
  5. Hi, I cannot get voice connections to work. TX is white but RX does not appear white and stays grey. The frequency is displayed correctly though. I tried: -Starting xPilot as an Admin -Reconfiguring output device -Com1 and Com2 -Different frequencies -Reinstalling xPilot Could anyone help me please?
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