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  1. Nestor, the word went with "contest". Perhaps there is a problem with finding a reason.
  2. Oddly enough I have already requested a change to petty censorship on Vatsim forums in this very thread and now find a word has been deleted from my previous post. The word used is a part of a harmless phrase which has 34 entries without previous censorship on this very forum used by staff members themselves including Kyle Ramsey and Kyprianos Biris, or 146 previous entries when the word is used in the past tense. Shame.
  3. @Callum, your comments about "staff titles" are spot on. This oddball ego m[Mod - Happy Thoughts]aging culture of endless staff positions with fancy titles makes every title downgraded and a bit silly. Its a flight sim thing which tries to mirror real world avaition which is a high brow, high status world. Over the last 10 years stagnation gets a mention on Vatsim time and time again, but the merry go round of endless status promotions with suitable titles and back slapping on achievements has always been ferocious. Honest guys, if you look at the situation from outside the Vats
  4. Well this is one improvement already...asking for opinions! The tired old responses over the years to suggestions, questions and opinions were so often met in attack dog style to make the opinion giver seem to be ungrateful or a trouble causing irritant for what they get for free by those who do all this in their spare time for nothing. I would like this culture within Vatsim to change to seeing those who bother to post on forums as keen members who care about the hobby and realise not everyone is in the clique and completely au fait with everything. Regarding something differen
  5. This progress thing should remind us all of the great work Ross Carlson did with Vpilot. Announced he was going to do it, briefed regularly, took questions and answered them without any dramas, produced a great product in a very short time all by himself. I remember an occasion a few years ago on Vatsim uk forum where a member was upset at being ignored for ATC training without any communication from "staff" for a long period, I think 10 angry staff managed to all post within 1hr on the forum at 2200 local that they were too busy during the previous weeks to inform him of news and tha
  6. I don't take anything for granted in flight sim of what should happen especially when I buy payware, snags and glitches, workrounds, tweaks are all part of the fun of FSX/P3D . I purchased My Traffic6 and it works with vpilot and p3d2.4. My only comment about My Traffic6 is the many bad reviews about the the fiddly confusing install which is correct, not everyone is an advanced hardcore simmer, unfortunatley for the developer bad reviews/comments are easily found and will put potential customers off. Thanks for your replies Bradley
  7. I haven't purchased my traffic6 yet, I just wanted to know if there were any snags with p3dv2.4 and vpilot before I spend I have no idea how to create a .vmr?, the vmr grnerator program dosen't work with ivao mtl anymore. Any tips welcome Tony
  8. Can anyone confirm there are no snags with mytraffic 6 vpilot and p3d2.4? Help no ivao_mtl anymore! damn your morals Ross
  9. it seems the computer that ran nasa control centre for the moon landing had the same power as good home pc today...and that has problems running a game (fsx).... the mind boggles
  10. i use vas fmc original version on a second monitor with airac updates and it works like a dream and is as user friendly as it gets. i prefer the simple layout of the original version wheras vas fmc 2.0 appears as a proper fmc. i think vas fmc is a free must have for newbies.
  11. yes ryan but you have to expect new pilots to have a go at flying online who haven't the ability to understand charts and follow them. you keep reading on the forum how newbies are encouraged to take their first step and not to worry , how everyone is here to help, and as long as you try and cover the basics vatsim is a big happy family. and then the newbies pitch up at gatwick and find thats not the case, and the experienced old hands on this forum back up a rude comment like that
  12. all of them are legitimate! and being new and not being able to find the chart is most defintely one of them. i found it odd that tom van der elst who took part in a downgraded simulation for 7 years and that in some ways could have spolied it for others and was glad of controllers making allowances for him is now taking such a hardline about controllers pampering pilots. perhaps my opinion is based on being rather new myself and not an old school pilot who has been around for years and has forgotten how confusing and daunting charts can be to newbies.
  13. no printer to print charts no 2nd monitor to display charts unable to understand charts unable to follow a chart and fly at the same time not enough time to find charts and fly online vatsim dosen't require charts to fly. unsure which of the 30 charts i need for gatwick english not being my first language and difficulty in understanding aviation terms unable to find the charts needed being new to flight simming its not that hard to find reasons Krzysztof is it
  14. i expect there are many controllers who get sick of pampering pilots who only use text.thats not as real as it gets, it downgrades the simulation no end in my opionion, why can't those pilots use voice? cos it can spoil it for others when controllers are typing away instead of controlling by voice, the service can get reduced because of it. i expect tom you don't mind that leniancy and pampering because it suited you for 7 years to fly by text only. i don't mind those who use text because there might be many reasons why they do, just the same as a pilot without charts could have reaso
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