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  1. I think I beat the gun! No departure functionality on the download. Downloaded and installed this morning. Works fine apart from no one to test it on yet. Phill
  2. Observing Manchester recently. EGCC_N_TWR KLM*** Taxi holding point D1, QNH1012 KLM*** Taxi holding point D1, cross RWY 23R, hold short RWY23L, T1 EGCC_N_TWR KLM*** Negative hold short RWY23R at D1 This controller was working hard as a large percentage of the traffic were not listening to him, just saying what they expected to hear. Well done for keeping your cool.
  3. That's a possibility Thomas. In my case there was a lot of activity in the sweat box over on London which is adjacent to EIDW.
  4. When I'm mentoring in sweat box, I quite often pause the simulation so I can discuss a point, or steer the students towards a solution. I've noticed that now ES randomly un-pauses the simulation. This doesn't happen when I use simulator on my local machine. Phill
  5. Thanks Stefan, Greatly appreciate this plugin. Phill
  6. OK, I'm probably being really thick here. x : x I can't get profile shortcuts to work as I could in 3.1d. I can create the profile OK but when I try to get the shortcut to open with Euroscope, it defaults to Outlook and nothing I do will change it. This happens on both XP SP3 and WIN 7 64 bit pro. Phill EDIT Disregard, fixed but involved twiddling with the registry.
  7. Gergely, you are a super star. I will install 3.2 on my other PC NOW! Phill
  8. Is it possible in 3.2 to save the network address of the PC running the proxy server in the client proxy connection server box? Phill
  9. Trying to run the simulator. Set up as per the wiki as far as I can see. FSD server listener has been started. Licence OK. Phill
  10. I have the same problem, unable to obtain a licence. On the plus side I now get my "DUPE" warning!!! Yeah!!!
  11. Many thanks to Gergely and the team! It's been a long time coming and I'm champing at the bit to get started. Sadly I'm painting the house. Can I install it alongside 3.1d or do I need to remove it first? Phill
  12. Hi Ross, You can put a line through this error, it's not a vPilot problem. I couldn't update this morning so I started a registry scanner to have a look. It too, wanted to update and returned a similar path access error message. Phill
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