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  1. Position: Marketing [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istant Volunteer Responsible to: Vice President - Marketing and Communications (VATGOV10) Summary: We are seeking a volunteer to [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist in the creation of marketing materials for use by VATSIM Staff and representatives for social media and marketing purposes. The position would be responsible for collaborating with staff to write material and then record and edit any material into a finished product. Additional work would include [Mod - Happy Thoughts]isting with the production of training-related videos and other projects a
  2. Arizona DPS Uses a "Ranger" RNGR prefix. Phoenix PD uses Firebird here FB## (the ##s are the log off time in 24 hour clock) Mesa AZ Police uses Falcon## (same as Phoenix for the #s)
  3. With it not being visible to the public, it's a bit difficult to expect pilots to adhere to it. And if uncontrolled you could still fly VFR aircraft at LHR, as long as you coordinate.
  4. A number of content creators on YouTube have openly admitted to using the MTL however, so it doesn't sound like IVAO will have a hard time pursuing their claims. File a DMCA counter claim, the ball then goes into IVAO's court to get a court injunction to get the content removed, something I doubt they would pursue as it's hard to justify actual damages for a pack of other peoples work distributed on a free to use network.
  5. Still, do we really need one of the most annoying sounds in the world as something that is not toggle-able? Would it really cause any harm to keep on screen warnings and the sound as something that can be disabled or at least changed to something more acceptable. If you fly in during an event and any of the files are out of sync, good luck as it'll sound like a slot machine from hades going off as you're trying to listen to the controller (whose mic may or may not be of any reasonable quality)
  6. I'll give VMR another try, pretty sure the models are installed and working as it eventually does find something that fits.
  7. Is it possible in a future build/version to set it so any model matching issue warnings can be disabled? TBH I love flying on the network with vPilot until I roll into a busy airspace, and despite trying different AI sets, I still get model matching errors. And hearing: BEEP seeing red text (BEEP) seeing red text etc. go across the screen until it finally gets to a model it likes is distracting. I'm content when it finds some model to use, and I have tried using the default options and i've also tried using the tool to scan your a/c and build a custom file. Yet I still ha
  8. Position: VATSIM Membership Manager Description: The VATSIM Membership Department is recruiting a membership manager to [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist members with account related issues. These issues include [Mod - Happy Thoughts]isting with re-activation's, name issues, e-mail updates, etc. This position will support the Africa & ME and Asia region. Requirements: *Time required for the position varies but an average is 15-30 minutes of work per day. *Professional spelling and grammar. *Able to [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist members in one of the positions time zones (Asia/Africa/Middle
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