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  1. Hi Guys As an FS9 user I am being "forced" to give up my beloved FSInn and install Swift. I presently have the IVAO MTL library installed and was wondering if Swift would recognise this model set. I really don't want to download the WoAI models, most of which do not cover past mergers such as USAir/American, etc. Regards Stuart
  2. Thanks for that Don. I was aware of FSInn's impending demise but, after a reinstall of FS9, I wanted a quick online session without the need of learning the ins and outs of the new Swift client. I know that I will have to give in at some point Thanks again Stuart
  3. Hi I'm looking for the old Larry James guide to installing FSInn that was a sticky on the previous forums, can anyone point me in the right direction? Many thanks Stuart
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