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  1. Then you don't seem to know Qutescoop. Do you? It does show you ATC bookings both in tabular and graphical form, for the entire world: https://sourceforge.net/projects/qutescoop/ Ah I had forgotten about Qutescoop It was a couple of years ago that I wrote to them asking to update sectors but I never heard back so I haven't used it for a while. Qutescoop and Accomeap seem to have similar aims - I wonder if a cooperation there might be worthwhile? In any case, it is good that ATC bookings are getting attention internationally!
  2. I second this. Vatbook is already a major database of bookings and is linked to vRoute and many local vACC websites and booking systems. However, it does not provide a single global view like your website. I think the database + the website would be a good combo - and the Accomeap project could show the bookings visually.
  3. One of the pilot rating courses should help you out as you can go through a flight with an instructor. I know you're probably looking at US phraseology - styles differ in every country - but here are the Icelandic pilot guides which include extensive examples of what to say: http://vatsim-scandinavia.org/pilots/airports/iceland/. They basically step you through various phases of flight including on the ground procedures, just replace our IFR oceanic bits with whatever your IFR clearance is.
  4. Sean, in my experience it's usually gone like this: SAS123: Reykjavik Control, hello, FL360 inbound ISVIG BIRD_CTR: SAS123, Reykjavik Control, hello, oceanic clearance available with route change, confirm ready to copy? SAS123: Affirm, SAS123 BIRD_CTR: SAS123, oceanic clearance to San Francisco via ISVIG direct ADSAM. From ISVIG maintain FL360, mach 0.80, squawk 4401 SAS123: Can we keep flight planned route please? SAS123 BIRD_CTR: Of course! Oceanic clearance to San Francisco via ISVIG direct ING, KFV, 64N030W, 64N040W, 65N050W, ADSAM. From ISVIG maintain FL360, mach 0.80, squawk 440
  5. My thoughts... On the m[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ive direct point, as mentioned earlier, it is always open for pilots to refuse the offer of a direct. I often get this on BIRD_CTR (which is an ordinary CTR by the way, albeit covering a very large area) and am more than happy to oblige. If you want to stick to the route that you spent much time crafting, I completely understand Also, if it's quiet, I regularly offer long haul pilots the chance to take off their headsets, telling them that I will send a SELCAL or PM when I need them. On the point of whether some VATSIM directs are unrealis
  6. Additionally, simultaneous training allows students who might previously have only learnt procedures for a major airport to now be more aware of local procedures for minor airfields.
  7. Just to add to the European perspective: reporting with reference to common waypoints is often far more effective than a VOR because waypoints usually make up the entire flight plan. Most controllers will be aware of all major waypoints in their airspace and will recognise minor waypoints as well. The other reference point you can use is the country border or part of the country you are nearest to, because there are so many countries clustered together e.g. 'BIRD_CTR, ABC123 is at FL340 direct LARUX, entered from Scotland' or 'BIRD_CTR, ABC123 at FL370, overhead SABAG in Greenland.' Locati
  8. I think Bradley hit the nail here. I have never come across a Sweatbox tutorial. At least in our division, it is just p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ed down from Training Director to individual mentors i.e. the mentors get mentored on how to use the software. The only public docomeent we have in Scandinavia - we use Euroscope's simulator software - is this one here (startup guide for Euroscope). It tells you how to connect. However, you will need to use 'scenario files' which contain the traffic. These come from your Training Department and can be modified by the mentor to suit the training you wa
  9. Mike, this is a perennial request that always receives the same answers. As Andrew mentioned, Accomeap does show bookings from around the world, which saves you from looking up the booking list in each country. However, whether controllers should book or not book their sessions is an extremely vexed question. Essentially, most controllers just hop on when they feel like it. It has been said that the Europeans are more apt to book sessions (e.g. VATSIM Scandinavia), which is why you'll find a lot of European bookings in the Accomeap list and on their individual websites. However, even in E
  10. Is this thread or this thread what you are after? Note that the Aerosoft BIKF scenery is at least 5 years out-of-date but it's still the 'prettiest' version of BIKF Other sceneries, plus the real world charts, are available at the VATSIM Scandinavia Iceland/Greenland page.
  11. Wonderful news Tracy! For the Iceland (BIKF) and Greenland (BGSF) legs, we highly recommend the pilot briefings located at VATSIM Scandinavia's dedicated page for the Reykjavik Control Area, which covers both Iceland and Greenland: http://vatsim-scandinavia.org/pilots/airports/iceland/ Importantly, pilots often do not know that BIRD_CTR controls the area over Central Greenland, including international flights out of BGSF. I also notice you are missing the sceneries for BGSF. There is an excellent freeware scenery here, which is also advertised on the VATSIM Scandinavia page. Looki
  12. As ATC, if I know a pilot is not hearing me well, I would use text after the 2nd attempt Feel free to say 'can you please send the message by text?' No need to panic because it's perfectly normal to request text. You can still respond to the controller by voice.
  13. Apart from holding it at the 'VATSIM Convention' (which was in London this year), I cannot see this happening on a regular basis at a VATEUD level. It is just too much work and it is difficult for VATEUD to get even purely online events together across the division. Closer to home for you, Finland hosts an annual live controlling event: Fly & See Santa. It is mainly Finnish members that turn up though, at MIK near Helsinki. Copenhagen hosted a real world tower visit a couple of years ago - I do not remember if there was a live controlling event as well. Last year Iceland hosted a real
  14. Took me a while to figure it out as well. Click ground layout and zoom right into the airport. You get the aerodrome chart. Very neat feature with potential to incorporate further charts as well.
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