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  1. I recently had an idea of putting on some type of air race! I was thingking of starting it on a saturday morning and having the distance take about the entire weekend. Would mostly like to be flown in some type of turbo prop aircraft, I will most likely fly the Pilatus PC-12. The cities I have considered so far are leaving from Miami and making a few stops on the way and ending in Anchorage; however if you have any other ideas i am up to any suggestions. No reward or anything for the winner, other than saying that you won. lol. The winner will be chosen by the first person to land at the desti
  2. I've been flying the ol' fixed wings for quite a while now, and its wierd to say, but taking the 747 up for a long haul has gotten a little boring. So looking for a challenge, I thought I would give the Rotors a shot. I've got the basics down, but I would like to work more on my landings. I mostly fly the default EH101, and I like it. I typically fly out of KMRT but I am willing to fly anywhere, I'll just throw the bird in my 747 and take it to you, lol. Let me know if you would like to meet up and then we can work out specifics. Thanks! Nate
  3. KMRT is located in central OHIO, i fly out of there quite a bit and it is practically my own private airport. There are plenty of airports in the area to practice alot of manuevers. we could get together and fly or you could just fly out of there whenever you want. I give you permission to use my private airport!! let me know
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